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What to do in the garden in December?

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In winter, gardening is much less time-consuming. However, you can devote some time to this element of your home. What to do in the garden in December?

Christmas and December in the garden

December is the month to devote some time to Christmas decorations as well as potted plants in the house. Remember the star of Bethlehem, which is an inseparable symbol of Christmas.

What you can do in the garden in December:

  • trim green plants (e.g., maple, birch, apple and pear trees) so they don’t sap,
  • plant ivy,
  • clean tools and prepare them for spring,
  • cover and protect flowers from frost and wind
  • remove weeds,
  • inspect potted plants (for damage or breakage)
  • plant heather.

It is also worth remembering about little friends, i.e. birds. If you have time and desire, as soon as the snow falls, start feeding the animals.

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