How to install upholstered panels?

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Upholstered panels are a decorative element that will change the walls of your home or office. With the help of panels you will get a cozy, but at the same time very modern effect. Check how easy it is to install upholstered panels

Sometimes we wonder how to decorate our walls in an interesting way. At the same time make our four corners gain more warmth and become more cozy. Upholstered panels have become very popular nowadays. They are easily available, and also give freedom of configuration and arrangement. Upholstered panels serve as an extremely elegant decoration, so they are suitable not only in the bedroom or living room. With their style they perfectly fit into office interiors. In this article we will describe ways to use the panels and we will tell you how to install them

What is an upholstered panel and where can it be used?

A panel is a board cut to a specific size. Such panel is upholstered with fabric (velvet, velvet, natural leather) and softly filled with upholstery sponge. The greatest advantage of panels is that there are virtually no restrictions on the shape, texture and pattern that the upholstered panel is to have. Currently on the market, manufacturers are outdoing themselves in their ideas to make them more attractive. This also gives great opportunities to the customer, because he has great freedom in adjusting the upholstery and the whole panel to his taste and needs.

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Where can upholstered panels be used?

There are many possibilities of using and installing the panels, and only imagination or budget can limit them. So where to install such a panel? It can be used, among others, in the bedroom. Instead of buying a ready-made bed frame with built-in headrest, bet on a much cheaper and more original installation of upholstered panels. You can arrange them to the standard height of the headrest or extend them to the whole wall

Upholstered panels will certainly be appreciated by parents of small children. It is a great solution as the panels will protect children from hitting a hard surface while playing. Parents will also appreciate their other property, namely improved acoustics. Upholstered panels are extremely soft, so they absorb sounds and the room will be further soundproofed

Comfortable seating made of upholstered panels? This is also a great idea to use, for example, in the kitchen. They will look beautiful in all niches. It will be pleasant to lean against a soft wall, sitting at the table. Such a solution will ideally suit restaurants. The restaurant will get a modern, elegant design. Customers will certainly choose instead of uncomfortable chairs soft and cozy upholstered panels, on which they will be much more pleasant to sit

Let’s not forget how useful the panels will be in the hallway. Every household member will be happy to use a comfortable seat when putting on shoes, for example

Upholstered panels installation – is it so difficult?

Installation of upholstered panels is very simple, which makes them more attractive for customers interested in buying them. No professional tools are needed for installation. However, you need to prepare yourself properly at the beginning. The materials and tools you need to get ready are: spirit level, pencil, mounting glue or double-sided tape (velcro or adhesive)

The first thing you need to pay attention to is a clean wall – it should be cleaned and degreased so that the glue or tape holds the panels well. Once it is dry, we can move on to the next step. If there are irregularities on the wall, they should be filled with plaster. Before starting the installation, it is worth checking how the layout will look in person. To do this, lay the panels on the floor, which will avoid mistakes during installation

The next step is to mark the area on the wall where the panels will be placed. A spirit level and a pencil will come in handy for this purpose. Pay attention to the first row, because on it will be based subsequent elements. Then we move on to applying glue or tape to the panel. Make sure that its surface is clean. The panel must be covered with glue/tape in the middle and around the edges.

If adhesive is chosen, then simply press the panels against the wall and press firmly. If installing with Velcro tape, one piece must be affixed to the wall, the other to the panels, and then they must be joined by pressing the panels to the wall. Velcro has an added plus because the panels allow you to tear them off and move them to another location, allowing you to change the layout

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