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How to install a mosquito net in the window?

Destini Fry
How to install a mosquito net in the window?

Summer is in full swing. High temperatures are not letting go and make us preferably not to close the windows in our houses at all. Unfortunately, this is associated with a lot of insects, which get through them and make our normal functioning miserable. A recipe for this may be the installation of mosquito nets. How to do it without having to call a professional?

How to install a mosquito net?

Mosquito nets are a great protection against mosquitoes and flies, ensuring free air circulation without interfering with the window frame. On the market there are options for self-assembly. Among them there are accordion mosquito nets, based on a special frame, which can be folded mostly in the upper part of the window frame. Magnetic and Velcro mos quito nets are very mobile, as they can be taken down or removed at any time. In order to install them, we only need to clean the wall thoroughly, glue fastening elements to the window frame and that’s it. Frame mosquito n ets are mounted on special rotating hooks screwed into the wall. It is a solid solution, but also more expensive. All these models we can safely dismantle after the season.

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