Maps of the world for the wall – 4 inspirations

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Do you like to travel? Then the perfect idea for an interesting arrangement in your room will be placing a map of the world on the wall. In what form you do it, it depends only on you.

Colorful, black and white, or maybe in subdued colors, but with clearly marked places that you have visited? A world map on the wall is a great idea and an original element of interior design

I. Map of the world in the room

In the form of a large wallpaper on one of the walls, preferably the one opposite the bed, so that you can see exactly its entire cross section. Such a wall decorative mural is also of educational value. When you look at the map every day, there is no chance that you will not know where some place is located, even the smallest and least known one.

II. The map of the world as kitchen wallpaper

In the space between the cabinets hung above and the kitchen worktops – a perfect place for a wallpaper with a map of the world. Depending on the color scheme dominating in the kitchen, we can choose the color and texture of such a wallpaper map of the world. An interesting idea is a contrast, if we have light walls and furniture, a wall mural with a map of the world give on a darker space, then it will stand out strongly, but not excessively. A map hung between cabinets and the dining area will also look interesting.

III. The map of the world on the wall in the living room

The living room is a place where we spend a lot of time, but also receive guests. Wallpaper with a map of the world on the wall behind the sofa, for example, is a good idea. It does not have to occupy the whole wall space, it can only be a strong element on its part.

IV. World map in the hallway

Also in the form of a wall mural – such an element of wall decoration will intrigue the guests at the very entrance. As in other cases, it is best to place such a map of the world, only on one wall, so that it does not blend too much with the environment. An interesting idea is also to add to the map photos from specific places we have visited.

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