Touch control kitchen mixers – find out more

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One of the latest trends among kitchen faucets are models that can be controlled by touch. This function can be extremely useful during everyday work in the kitchen. Find out how this technology works.

We already have mixers available on the market in a variety of colors and shapes and made of different materials. The choice is really vast. Improving kitchen faucets, manufacturers improve not only their aesthetic qualities, but also functionality and comfort of use. The latest faucet models allow for touch control of the water flow, thus providing exceptional comfort and ergonomics during daily work in the kitchen

Tactile and motion sensitive mixers

The latest technology used in kitchen mixers allows the water to flow by touching the spout or a sensor placed on the kitchen cabinet. This is a perfect solution for those who usually have their hands full in the kitchen – opening and closing the tap with a lever or a knob is much more time-consuming and dirtier. A touch-controlled faucet will allow us to regulate the water flow easily and use the sink more smoothly. We turn on the water flow by touching it and in the same way we turn it off by touching the chosen sensor again

Floor-standing mixers are equipped with touch technology. In addition to the touch control system, these mixers also have a lever that can be used to turn the tap on and off in the usual way

There are also external systems available on the market that can be fitted with a kitchen mixer tap. These are, for example, electronic strips attached to cabinets under the sink, allowing you to start the water flow by touching it without your hands

Kitchen faucets – conveniences

Modern touch kitchen mixers are available with a pull-out spout, which additionally increases functionality and comfort of use. Thanks to this solution, washing up is easier, especially with pots and pans of larger sizes. In addition, we can easily clean the sink and a larger water stream allows you to use the faucet also outside the sink area. Moreover, you can find models of touch kitchen faucets in different colors – traditional silver, black, white and gold. So we have the opportunity to choose the perfect model for our kitchen.

Touch kitchen faucet – price

For improved technology and convenience we have to pay a little more, of course. Models of touch kitchen faucets of proven companies cost from 1000 PLN upwards. However, the market begins to appear cheaper products of lesser-known brands that offer the technology of touch control of fittings

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