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How to repair a parquet floor?

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Do you think that repairing wooden parquet is very difficult? Indeed, it may not be one of the easiest tasks, but it is also not as difficult as you might think. Find out how to cope when your parquet needs intervention!

Wooden parquet – the dream of many people

Plenty of people, when designing their house or apartment, dream of having a wooden parquet floor. Well, and one must admit that it is hardly surprising. This is an incredibly timeless solution, moreover, very elegant. Betting on a classic parquet, you can be sure that your floor will never go out of fashion and will blend in very well with all the furniture and accessories. The possible color of the walls will not be a problem either – virtually everything goes with classic parquet. However, it is said that parquet is delicate, and renovation is not the easiest thing to do. How is it in reality? Let’s check!

The most common damages to the floor

What are the most common damages faced by owners of wooden parquet floors? These are, of course, situations resulting from everyday use of the house or apartment. Scratches, dents, discoloration – you have to reckon with all of these, especially if you have children, like to receive guests or simply don’t intend to always walk on the parquet in slippers. Damage happens, fortunately, it can be repaired.

How to repair oiled parquet?

Let’s start by repairing minor nicks and scratches that develop on oiled parquet. Experts advise that at the very beginning the damaged section should be cleaned and dried. Then the damage should be sanded using sandpaper with a gradation of 100 to 120. Finally, using a brush, apply repair oil. On the other hand, a single disc polisher will come in handy to complete the renovation.

How to repair varnished parquet?

The situation is slightly different for varnished parquet. It is simply more difficult due to the fact that the varnish leaves a coating on the wood. You can deal with not too deep scratches with the help of a marker or coloring wax. The most important thing, however, is to carefully match the shade to the color of the parquet. Importantly, if more extensive damage is involved, it may be better to replace the element in question than to repair it.

What to do if the parquet floor creaks?

Many people complain about creaking parquet floors. Of course, wood has its own charm, but it is also constantly working because it is natural. So sometimes it is associated with the fact that the floor begins to creak unpleasantly. This is where special parquet glue comes in handy. Locate the creaking staves, and drill small holes in the joints. Inject glue into the resulting holes and let it dry. Then seal the holes with parquet putty and paint the whole thing in a color that matches the parquet.

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