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How to replace a door lock? Advice for beginners

Destini Fry
How to replace a door lock? Advice for beginners

To replace the lock on your door, you don’t need the help of a professional at all. You can try to do it yourself. This is a simple activity that you can perform on your own with the help of basic tools. Below we suggest how to do it

Long waits, delays, and lack of professionalism from handymen are things that often discourage you from renovations and repairs? When it comes to something as minor as replacing a lock, you can avoid it. It’s easier than you might think. Sometimes all you need is a new cylinder

Many factors can influence the decision to change a lock. It is a natural consequence after keys are stolen or lost. Another reason is a concern for security and privacy, such as after moving to a new apartment or house, or after a divorce. Or maybe your lock has simply become damaged and it’s worth looking around for a new one? Experts also encourage you to change your security preemptively from time to time. The same goes for changing your online banking password

Manufacturers of locks compete with each other in newer and newer systems to protect against burglary. Maybe you already have in your door lock so outdated that a burglar will not have to make too much effort and will creep into your home without difficulty? Whatever your reasons are, here’s how to replace the lock on your door step by step.

What is the difference between a lock and a cylinder?

The first question is, do you need to replace the entire lock? Or do you only need a new cylinder? The first product is a mechanism built into the door that secures access to some restricted space. It works by extending the bolt of a latch or bolt, or by making it immobile with a key. The second article is a fitting that works with the lock and increases the degree of security of the door against burglary. Most often, it is enough only to replace the cylinder.

How to replace the lock?

At first you have to visit the store and choose a product. When you return, the first step is to unscrew the housing, i.e. the handle and the escutcheon. Then remove all visible screws that secure the lock in the hole. Undermine it with a screwdriver so you can remove it. In the same place, place the new lock and fasten it with the screws that should be included. If the new lock has a replaceable cylinder, do not attach it until after the lock is installed. Once you have tightened the mounting screws, insert the key into the lock and check that the mechanism works smoothly. Next, tighten the plate and install the handle.

How do I replace the cylinder?

First purchase a new cylinder. Ideally, it should be the same as the previous one. If you’re not sure, take the old part to the store and ask the salesperson for help. Most, however, have the same shape, so there is a good chance that the model you choose yourself will also fit. The element that stands out is the size, or rather the length of the insole. If you buy too short, it may turn out that after installation, it will not be possible to put the key all the way in, or you put it in, but no longer turn. If the cylinder is too long, it will protrude beyond the door or its installation will be impossible.

If you buy a matching piece, then all you have to do is unscrew and remove the escutcheon from the door. The escutcheon is the outer piece. Most people consider it to have a purely decorative function. In reality, it secures the lock and cylinder, so it should be very sturdy and durable. After removing it, remove the screw that holds the cylinder. Inserted into the lock, gently turn the key in any direction, so as to accurately align the internal mechanism, and then pull out the old piece. Install a new one in its place, also with the key in the lock. Then tighten the retaining screw. Now all that is left is to screw the escutcheon to the door. For this procedure you only need a screwdriver

What to buy?

You can buy at any DIY store, specialty store or order online. Prices of cylinders and locks range from a dozen to several hundred zlotys. There are different types and models available on the market. So how to know what to choose? To secure houses and apartments are recommended EVO and PRO SYSTEM cylinders. You can also decide on their anti-burglary counterparts. They are resistant to reaming. When it comes to locks, they are divided into mortise and surface locks. If you are installing more than one lock, choose both types, mortise at the bottom and surface lock at the top. Don’t go by price, but quality. It is not worth saving on this product, because ultimately it will serve you a good few years.

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