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Wood roof soffit – is it a good idea?

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Matching the soffit to the roof is very important. It has not only a visual function, but also protects the roof against adverse weather conditions. That is why it is so important to choose the right product. What do we have to choose from? Versions made of wood, wood-like material, as well as metal and PVC. Many people decide on the wooden version because of its unique look. However, is it connected with durability?

Roof soffit – what is its function?

Roof soffit, which perfectly harmonizes with the appearance of the roof tile and elevation is the dream of every homeowner. However, it is not only important. Apart from appearance, pay special attention to durability of the material, solid and precise installation and resistance to adverse weather conditions and interference of insects, small rodents and birds. They become the bane of householders when the soffit is leaking. 

Soffit is located on the underside of the eaves, which is designed to protect the façade from raindrops. Soffit fits tightly to the roof, which of course affects the appearance of the roof and makes sure that every spot is properly protected. You can then prevent the nesting of uninvited guests such as birds, martens or insects such as wasps. 

It is worth mentioning that this is not all! It has amazing heat-insulating properties that prevent heat from escaping from the house in winter. This is obviously connected with saving on heating.

What are the advantages of wood soffit?

Roof soffit made of wood has been used for centuries. It certainly looks exceptionally attractive, very classic, and also serves its purpose very well. Many modern buildings, whose owners opt for natural finish, use this type of soffit. Then they get a rustic, extremely climatic look. 

However, it is not only about the visual aspect. Let’s check if this finishing element made of wood will fulfill its role properly. So, the soffit, even the wooden one, is very resistant to the influence of negative meteorological factors. Regardless of whether the strong sun shines, it often rains hard, or there are extremely low temperatures combined with snowfall, it should remain in almost unchanged form.

Another aspect is the lack of reaction to temperature fluctuations. What does this mean in practice? That it does not shrink or expand depending on the season. In addition, it is very resistant, robust and durable.

What are the most durable types of wood soffit?

When choosing soffit, it is worth paying special attention to the type of wood used for its production. There are weaker and more durable species. It is best to bet on versions prepared from several types of trees, including: spruce, larch and pine. Each of them occurs on Polish territory, so their availability should not be difficult.

In turn, foreign trees, which are worthy of attention are Scandinavian spruce, Siberian larch and cedar. Finally, it is worth mentioning that wooden soffit has one disadvantage that may discourage you from buying it. It requires maintenance just like any wood. It is not a difficult job, but it does take time.

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