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What mistakes to avoid when buying tiles?

Destini Fry
What mistakes to avoid when buying tiles?

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The choice of tiles has a large impact on the appearance of the entire interior. For this reason, they should be chosen as well as possible, so that they create a coherent whole. We present a list of mistakes that are most often made during this purchase.

Mismatching tiles with the room

The first mistake will be a bad match of tiles to the room. It is important to match the tiles to the type and design of the interior. This is one of the most important issues that you should pay special attention to. It has to be a purchase for years, so it has to be well thought out. The tiles, apart from their appearance, should also be comfortable to use. They come in a variety of sizes, so the choice is huge. Many of them have their specific use, for example bathroom tiles look different from those for the kitchen. The ones that are intended for the bathroom should be characterized by low water absorption. In addition, it is worth that they have a compact structure, which does not absorb water and other dirt. For the floor in this case, it is best to buy non-slip tiles. Then you can prevent unfortunate accidents on a slippery surface. The most popular in bathrooms today are ceramic tiles. You should match their pattern and type also with the style of furnishings in the bathroom

Tiles for kitchens should be as easy to clean as possible. This is because this is the place where it is not difficult to get all kinds of dirt. For this reason, matte, unglazed surfaces will not work well there. You have to remember that you should not mix the purpose of tiles. Those intended for the wall, for example, must be on it. You also need to match a specific thickness to a specific room. This is because it affects the durability and strength of these elements. For interiors that are frequently used, it is recommended to match tiles with appropriate abrasiveness. Also be careful about choosing the wrong color. For example, dark tiles do not work well for small rooms, because then they will optically reduce the space

Inappropriate size

Another mistake is buying tiles of the wrong size. Although very fashionable now are the large format ones, they do not fit into all interiors. They usually do not look good in a very small kitchen or bathroom. For such a composition, you need enough space to create an interesting effect. If the room is of average size, then you can successfully use such tiles. Then they also optically enlarge the space, because they do not have many joints in the form of grout. Also look unfavorable small mosaics on a large surface, because they will overwhelm and dominate it. You can combine different formats of tiles, but you need to think about it properly. If you don’t, you can achieve an exaggerated look that won’t look good. So before you buy, think about what effect you want to achieve. For example, there are various concrete tiles in different sizes. This is an excellent choice that is the latest design trend

Choosing low quality tiles

It is a big mistake to buy tiles that are not of decent quality. It is worth spending a little more money on such an expense, because then it will be a purchase that will last for years. If you want to save a little more, then unfortunately this can do more harm than good. It will certainly cause then a lot of problems, but also additional costs. In case any of the tiles break after some time, it will be hard to buy a new one with the same look. It is also a common mistake to buy these elements over time, because often they are not perfectly matched to the whole. You should be interested in companies that offer tiles with high durability

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