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Combi steamer – what is it? How to bake in it?

Destini Fry
Combi steamer – what is it? How to bake in it?

Not a very popular appliance, definitely supplanted by pressure cookers and steamers, it is an interesting technology that is worth a closer look. Halogen ovens have plenty of features that will effectively facilitate your kitchen struggles.

Plenty of functions

You can do almost anything with a combi steamer. Thanks to it you can steam, roast, fry and grill. People on fat-free diets will love the fat-free heating function and those on a rush will love the frozen food function. The toaster oven will cook roast chicken, pork chops, boiled fish, bread, baked potatoes, nuggets and many other meals.

What to buy and how much?

The prices of the successors to prodiža vary in amounts from 150-200 zł. When choosing a halogen oven, the main parameter you should focus on is the range of available temperatures. From the differences will mainly determine what kind of food you can cook. The most common ranges are 0-250°C and 65-250°C. The first option includes the possibility of defrosting and reheating, while the second is based mainly on frying and baking.

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