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Custom furniture for the kitchen – what to look for?

Destini Fry
Custom furniture for the kitchen – what to look for?

Custom furniture is a great choice for kitchen design, but only if it is measured and made properly. You should take some time to choose, because it is an expensive investment, which should serve us for years.

Custom furniture and a coherent vision of the interior

Deciding on furniture manufactured to size promotes optimal use of space in the kitchen. Most often this is not possible when buying a standard set of furniture showroom, because often it is about a room of unusual size. It is worth spending some time thinking about your own vision of the new kitchen.

Your own preliminary design

Before we go to the company making custom furniture, we should clearly define our preferences and expectations. If we create our own design of the kitchen building, we will have a chance to confront it with the proposal presented by the contractor. Inspiration can be sought in interior design catalogs, specialist magazines, but above all on countless blogs and websites about kitchen decorating. We can also talk to friends who have recently carried out a similar renovation.

Accurate measurement

Taking measurements of the room is crucial – without them, ordering custom kitchen furniture in practice loses its sense. Their proper fit will be possible only if the measurements made by us are presented to the contractor in a clear way. You also need to take into account, among other things, window and door openings. If we do not trust our own abilities in this area – we should consider inviting the designer to the house in order to measure the room or recess himself.


Making a design is always a compromise between our expectations and the possibilities of kitchen development. We must agree on a number of things regarding the appearance of the furniture and its functionality.

Why not delay with an order?

We can not count on the fact that ordered custom furniture will be received overnight. Procrastination is a bad option, because:

  • the contractor may not have free terms,
  • the project may turn out to be time consuming,
  • materials will not be available immediately,
  • we will not be able to compare different offers.

What is worth considering?

The choice of customized furniture depends on:

  • the number of people using the kitchen furniture,
  • the size of the kitchen,
  • the shape of the room,
  • the type of development (such as an annex, open kitchen, kitchen with a window, etc.),
  • presence of a pantry at home (its absence forces the storage of more products in the kitchen),
  • preferred material (wood, MDF board),
  • chosen interior style,
  • wall color and lighting.


Nowadays, furniture designers are required to visualize their projects to clients in an accessible way. There are many computer programs for this purpose (such as Sketchup Make, Autodesk HomeStyler, Blender, Live Interior 3D free and others)

Making furniture to measure

Where can I order custom furniture?

The range of companies that offer services related to the implementation of custom furniture is wide. It includes, first of all:

  • kitchen furniture studios,
  • furniture stores,
  • carpenter companies,
  • construction supermarkets.

Choosing a contractor

The choice of contractor depends on our expectations about the price, quality or unique character, which we can expect from custom furniture. Much faster will come to us to enjoy the desired furniture when we use the company that offers comprehensive services for the design, implementation, glazing and painting of furniture. This is why it is so important that the company has its own machinery and employs various types of professionals. When choosing a company, recommendations and opinions, which can be found for example on the Internet, will be important. It is also necessary to pay attention to the warranty period of the products. Tempting can also be offered installation service.

How long does it take to make custom furniture?

You have to reckon with the fact that you will have to wait a few weeks for ordered kitchen furniture. This is often a period of 5 to 8 weeks.

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