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An empty wall in the living room does not necessarily look good, it is always better if there are some – even small – decorations on it. Nowadays string decorations, such as macramé, are very popular

Designing an interior is quite a challenge and in addition to the idea of how it should look, you also need to consistently realize your vision. Furniture, equipment, decorations, plants, trinkets – these are accessories that make up the character of a given interior, so they should harmonize with each other and create a compatible whole. Remember that especially in a living room, it is the wall that strikes the eye, and if it is completely empty, the room loses its expression. Any wall decorations, which also create an original background for the living room, look very good.

An empty wall in the living room – how to decorate it?

Paintings, mirrors, wall murals, hanging flower pots – these are most often found on our walls. In 2020, due to the prevailing pandemic and forced isolation, people loved minimalism and during the renovation of interiors also began to give up at least the wall decorations. In such space they began to calm down, regenerate. It’s not really a good trend, after a long time of looking at empty walls we start to miss something, we fall into stagnation. Minimalist interior design is perfectly fine, but subtle wall decorations, even if made of string, will add charm to it, idyllic, so it’s worth bet on them.

Macramé – a phenomenon among residential decorations in 2021

Under the name of macramé we can find a method, known since ancient times, of tying strings without using any needles, crochets or wires. Tying cotton strings together was extremely popular in the 1970s and is currently experiencing a renaissance.

Tying strings together using only your hands is an interesting idea for wall decoration. You just need a little practice and you can master the macramé braiding technique. Such decoration looks really beautiful on the wall, not only in the living room, but also in the bedroom or children’s rooms. Some people even put on such a decoration in the kitchen.

What forms of wall decorations can be created from macramé?

There are really many different wall decorations made of macramé. For example, it has become popular to weave strings into hanging flower beds or even lampshades for hanging lamps. The only thing that limits you is your imagination, and your creativity can be very creative. Strings and making them into wall ornaments is a trend that perfectly fits the boho style. We can decorate our wall with “plaits” in different colors, depending on the rest of the design. In boho interiors will certainly pass the test such colors as shades of blue, beige or mustard

Cotton strings are the basis for creating real handicrafts. An interesting, even designer, look hanging on the wall macramé with mini-twists (that is, a form of tassels, which we can decorate many things). And if you are a fan of greenery and you have quite a lot of it in your room, then, instead of keeping flowers on the windowsill or in pots on the floor, hang them on the wall in a flowerbed made of cotton strings. A modified version of macramé, complete with leaves, will also be an interesting way to decorate an empty wall. However, it is not about live leaves, but about the way of braiding the string so that it resembles the shape of a leaf. To make such a wall decoration, we will need a cotton string with a thickness of, for example, 2 mm, a wooden rod or a branch.

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