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Partitions are the perfect way to separate spaces

Destini Fry
Partitions are the perfect way to separate spaces

Sometimes one large room could successfully serve two separate functions, but it is difficult to adapt it to both roles. Then it is worth considering a discreet division of space using a partition wall

Partition walls delineate interiors or divide them into smaller rooms, but they are not a separate structural element – they have no load-bearing properties. They are usually decorative elements, which simultaneously connect and divide rooms, creating delicate transitions between their functions and arrangements. If you don’t have an idea for a creative partition wall without renovation, be sure to check out these suggestions!

Divide a room into zones – work and relax

One of the most important tasks of a partition wall is to put a boundary between elements of a room with different uses. Partitions are often put up between the dining and the relaxation part of the living room or they separate the kitchen annex from the rest of the house

However, partitions began to experience a real renaissance during the pandemic, when most workers had to adapt to the challenges of home office mode. Sometimes it is hard for you to concentrate on your work, if you are in a space, which until now you associated with calmness and relaxation? With the help of partition walls you can divide the room into a private and professional zone.

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Green partition walls

Green partition walls are an idea for lovers of plants and urban jungle style. All you need is a tall bookcase, whose shelves you can fill with stylish pots and exuberant plants. Not only do green partitions look very impressive, but they are also useful as natural air filters – especially if you fill them with plants that trap toxins from the air

There are even special furniture available on the market that can be filled with soil and flowers. Green walls are also making their way into office spaces, as greenery is proven to relax and boost productivity

Screens – a second room in 5 minutes!

If you want to divide a room into two parts, but in a very discreet and effortless way, just fold out a screen! Folding screens are a great way to draw a boundary between different parts of a room, but without interfering with a stable arrangement. As easy as it is to unfold, you can easily get rid of it again, restoring the natural state of the room. Screens are partitions perfect for those who are indecisive or love frequent changes.

Lufters and glass walls

Although it may seem that the popularity of glass blocks is long gone, glazing in any form is coming back to favor. And not only in offices and public utility spaces!

Glass partition walls and glass blocks allow the free flow of light from one room to another and at the same time they do not optically reduce the space, even though they divide it. Glass partition walls are especially suitable for loft and industrial interiors, where the combination of glass and metal frame definitely fits into the aesthetic canons and glorifies the raw charm of these materials.

Functionality first of all

Partitions can perform various functions, not only separate parts of the room. Just as green partitions are also the place where potted flowers live, some designers opt for partitions in the form of shelves or bookcases. All you need is an interesting composition of metal or boards – depending on the interior style in which your home is decorated

It can be a geometric arrangement of square niches or even a honeycomb structure. The important thing is that you can store accessories, photos and books in it and that the whole thing forms an openwork border between different parts of the room.

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