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4 pastel color palettes that will optically enlarge the space

Destini Fry
4 pastel color palettes that will optically enlarge the space

Pastel colors in interiors are still very popular. No wonder, they are versatile combinations that add a cheerful touch to interiors. Check out which pastel color palettes to choose.

How to combine pastel colors?

If you don’t know how to combine pastel colors, keep them in moderation. All the shades at the same time can look quite caricatured in the interior. It is worth choosing one color, which will become a background for further decorating. For example, white furniture and walls.

Pastel colors can also be combined with each other, choosing safe options, such as light yellow with mint or pale pink with gray . Such interiors look visually light and pleasant. In addition, pastel colors have a practical role: small interiors seem optically larger.

In such rooms there are also many possibilities. You can easily refresh the interior, introducing new species of flowers or decorations on the wall. Pastel colors look fresh, springlike and cheerful. That is why they suit many styles. With natural materials they work well in boho arrangements, while broken with ethnic motifs, they can even be perfect in art deco or eclectic interiors.

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Pink, grey, mint and delicate shade of peach is a perfect combination. It works well not only in children’s rooms, but also in small interiors. They optically enlarge the space. You also have many possibilities of arrangement, i.e. selection of accessories.

Examples of pastel color palettes

See now examples of pastel color palettes that you can introduce into your interior.

Pastel colors and elegant interior

Pastel color palette can be ideal for glamour style interiors. Here the basis is a light gray, which falls into a shade of beige. This color was used for walls, floor and sofas in the living room. It is complemented by cool shades of blue and graphite.

Mint and gray interior

See how beautiful and fresh the shades of gray and mint look. They are complemented by accessories with golden accents.

Pastel colors in a cozy look

Two main colors in many shades were used here: gray and pink. It is a timeless solution, somewhat feminine and romantic.

Pastel palette broken with navy blue

In these arrangements navy blue is a perfect contrasting shade for pastels. Interiors look elegant, subdued, but at the same time there is visual order and order.

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