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Do you need to shovel snow from your lawn?

In the garden
Destini Fry
Do you need to shovel snow from your lawn?

When snow arrives in the winter, a lot of work in the garden doesn’t make sense. However, the question is whether it can harm the lawn? Do you have to shovel snow from the lawn?

How does snow affect the lawn?

Excessive snow is not good for your lawn. Why? First of all, it can turn to ice, which isolates the plants from oxygen. So in spring, your lawn may grow much slower and the shoots will be weaker.

Also, excess snow and moisture can lead to mold. This one will be visible in the spring when the thaw begins. Mildew on the lawn can be easily recognized, because there will be a characteristic white coating on the plants, which will later begin to turn brown.

This is worth bearing in mind:

  • snow is a natural shield for grass against frost, but you need to control the amount,
  • don’t trample on the snow and don’t make it too heavy all over your property,
  • a heavy layer of snow will cause the grass to break.

It is a good idea to take care of your lawn and not dump all the snow from the property of the house to this very place. Keep an eye on your garden, and if ice appears, gently try to get rid of it without damaging the grass.

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