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Furniture restoration – how to do it yourself?

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Destini Fry
Furniture restoration – how to do it yourself?

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Furniture restoration is a great way to refresh the interior and give it a completely new character. However, it often seems to us that this task is quite difficult and expensive. It does not have to be like that at all! We will tell you how you can renovate furniture on your own.

Furniture renovation can be defined as restoring old and often also damaged furniture to its former glory. It is also a brilliant way to refresh your interior without having to replace your furnishings. So find out how to undertake furniture restoration yourself

How to start renovating wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture is very graceful when it comes to refinishing. Although it’s not the easiest task, the results are really spectacular. But where to start with renovating old wooden furniture? First of all, think about how you want your furniture to look after renovation and create a project. If you have such a detailed project at the beginning, it will be easier for you to determine what specific tools you will need and how long the entire renovation process will take

What will you need when refinishing wooden furniture?

If you already have your ideas in mind, this is a good time to go shopping. But what can you use when refinishing old wooden furniture? First and foremost, the product you will use to coat the surfaces of the furniture. Depending on what your project looks like, this could be paint, varnish, stain, varnish stain or polish. Be sure to get a set of brushes of different thicknesses and rollers, as well as accessories such as a paint tray and foil.

In most cases, you will also need solvent. If your furniture is damaged, you will also need the right screws and furniture refinishing glue. If you also want to slightly modify the look of your furniture, you can also buy knobs and handles for your furniture, such as kitchen knobs.

Renovation step by step

Once you have the project and all the necessary elements, you can move on to the most interesting part, which is the renovation itself. Start by thoroughly cleaning the furniture from dust and other dirt and make sure that no stubborn insects are preying on it. Remember to use a soft microfiber cloth for the cleaning, which will not leave any scratches

Next, move on to removing old coats of paint or varnish by sanding. For this, ordinary sandpaper will suffice, preferably in two different gradations. Don’t forget that before you start applying paint or varnish, you should first use a wood filler. It will allow you to patch up any dents or scratches in the surface structure. When the compound dries, remove any layers of unevenness with a high-grade sandpaper

After all these steps, you can move on to the final painting of furniture. If you have a real artist’s soul, then after the paint has dried, you can also decide to paint ornaments

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