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Essential for the do-it-yourselfer – what is worth having in your toolbox at home?

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Destini Fry
Essential for the do-it-yourselfer – what is worth having in your toolbox at home?

While you can borrow tools from friends for everyday repairs and DIY, it’s good practice to have the ones you need most at home. What should be among them? What should we pay special attention to when composing DIY essentials?

What types of tools will we need?

Completing the DIY indispensable we should of course start with choosing the right toolbox. In DIY stores we can easily buy larger or smaller models, which will allow to keep order among the tools. If we don’t have such a box, we can use a common wooden box, which will be divided into parts by means of compartments. The composition of the household essentials will include primarily three groups of tools:

  • measuring instruments,
  • hand tools,
  • power tools.

Measuring instruments useful in everyday DIY

It is difficult to think of making efficient everyday repairs and alterations without instruments that will allow us to take precise measurements. A carpenter’s tape measure, the so-called “tape measure” with a length of 2 m will come in handy when doing interior and exterior finishing work. When measuring larger objects, a 5 m long folded tape measure will be necessary. This small and very practical item will be indispensable, for example when measuring the height of walls

Another important piece of home improvement equipment for the DIY enthusiast is a spirit level. Thanks to its built-in vials, it will allow you to determine the vertical and horizontal, which will be useful not only when putting up walls, but also when installing a fence in the garden. Additionally, it is worth investing in a carpenter’s protractor and a laser rangefinder

Hand tools that are hard to do without

The heart of the DIY indispensable should be a collection of hand tools of very different nature and use. It must include a set of flat brushes. It is worth that they are designed for use on different surfaces, but the absolute minimum will be to have three copies: small, medium and slightly larger. Various types of renovations that require removing the remains of old paint or plaster make it necessary to also purchase a metal spatula. A locksmith’s hammer among the absolutely necessary tools is usually a 0.5 kg piece. Screwdrivers are best bought in different sizes. You will need regular, Phillips and ampoule screwdrivers. You can also not do without a combination wrench, a wrench and adjustable wrenches. You should also buy a metal file and a rasp for woodworking

Power tools, or what?

The most expensive investment when completing the DIY essentials is usually the purchase of power tools. Usually we will pay the least for those that are:

  • low power,
  • sold under the logo of an unknown brand,
  • powered from the socket.

Convenience and the desire for long-term use is conducive to incurring slightly greater expenses to purchase power tools of greater power, recognized brands and functioning wirelessly thanks to replaceable batteries charged from the socket. If you choose the last option, it is a good idea to invest in equipment from one company. In most cases, you can then choose one type of battery for different types of equipment, thereby reducing costs and improving convenience

A DIY essential should include an impact drill. Although a regular one will suffice for occasional use, it is worth paying a little extra to have the ability to adjust the speed and several other useful functions that will be important in larger renovations. The power of the device should not be lower than 500 W. A screwdriver with a set of bits will also be useful. This is a very handy device that speeds up many household chores. Another must have for the DIY enthusiast is an angle grinder with at least 1000-1200 W of power. You can use it when cutting metal profiles, but also when stripping paint or cleaning wood from paint residue. A wood saw is also useful, as it will make processing wood easier

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