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Scandi boho – the style that reigns supreme on the Internet

Destini Fry
Scandi boho – the style that reigns supreme on the Internet

Thinking of refreshing your interior and can’t decide on a specific decor? Check out the reigning on the Internet scandi boho style, which will beautify any room!

What is boho style?

It is a combination of different cultures and eras, which has no rules. Boho style is characterized by the absence of restrictions, it gives complete freedom of choice. It is also characterized by a special range of colors, which is a perfect combination of colors that complement the appearance of the room. Wood, white linen, rattan or wicker and leather are the basis when it comes to scandi boho decor. To add some dynamism, you can stock up on plants. Vibrant, clear greenery and muted colors of flowers are sure to catch the attention of every guest.

Scandi boho is a combination of cool colors and hippie madness, which makes the interior design look unusual and interesting. Opinions are divided, because for some it is a boring and monotonous style, and for the rest it seems to be refreshing. The most important element of boho style is to provide adequate lighting in the room. Constant sunlight let into the room is essential for plants to grow healthily. Scandi bo ho interior design looks almost jungle-like in addition to muted colors.

What is the difference between scandi boho and boho?

Scandi bohostyle is inspired by Scandinavian interiors, which with their charm attract the eyes of many people. The most important features are keeping a light range of colors, brick, simple decor and few accessories. They are usually based on cool colors that provide a raw, spacious and airy look to the room. This is the main determinant that, with the right choice of all furniture and accessories, guarantees an interesting and unusual appearance of your interior.

Boho style ranks high on the list of the most frequently used decorations of apartments and rooms. It has almost completely opposite principles to the scandi boho style. For this type of decor mainly patterned furniture, fabrics, intense colors and oriental accessories are used. There is a lot going on in a room with this type of decor. Black color and Aztec style patterns are often added to boho interior.

What is important about the scandi boho style?

Remember to choose subdued and bright colors when decorating the interior, which you will add atmosphere with the use of different plants. A perfect match of wood, canvas and other materials that match the main idea of the style guarantees an unusual design of your interior. This style may seem overcrowded, however, it is a spacious yet cozy decor. It is important to get the right mix of furniture, rugs and plants. In scandi boho, small details do not complement the decor as much as in other branches of the boho style.

When choosing scandi bo ho style furniture , don’t forget about its texture. The combination of wood with leather, linen and wicker fits perfectly with the idea of this style. It is also worth considering accessories, the detail of which will add the right atmosphere to your interior. If you do not want to clutter the room with trinkets, think about an accent wall. You can stick a matching wallpaper with different patterns on it. Geometric, simple and referring to plants compositions will work great in boho. Aztec patterns are also worth considering.

Accessories for boho scandi interiors

To the bright colors, on which the whole boho decor is based, you can add some accessories that will certainly make your room very cozy and carefully considered. Walls painted in light, grayish colors will perfectly combine with golden accessories. Simple, sometimes slightly geometric accessories look best. Do not forget about the texture, the appropriate variation of which looks great in combination with a delicate scandi boho style. Smooth coverings with a nice texture will work better than those with a patterned design.

With pastel home decor, it’s worth considering bold or equally muted accessories. If you decide to stay in muted colors, match them with a few bright colors that will set the tone for the ornaments you choose. A great idea would be to use wicker, unpainted wood and natural fabrics. However, if you want to add some color to the interior, then go for slightly more distinct colors that will provide eye-catching focal points to the room.

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