Square tiles in the kitchen – 3 inspirations

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Choosing tiles for the kitchen is one of the most important elements of the collection of interior design. Together with furniture, they must create a coherent whole and perfectly complement each other. We are often faced with a choice of as many as two types of tiles: wall and floor. Hexagons still reign in trends, but traditional square tiles will never go out of fashion and are in a class of their own. Which tiles should you choose?

Strength in tradition!

It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that classic, even boring for some, square tiles in a solid color will appear in this list. It is good to bet on a bright shade, as it optically brightens and enlarges the space. If we bet on a smooth model with a uniform shade and glass finish, the effect will be certain for years. When you want to change the decor, you only need to replace the furniture – because this option is always an excellent base!

Colorful mosaic

Geometric patterns still reign in kitchen design. This is also a good motif for it to appear on both the wall and the floor. The square as a perfect figure is a great base to include lines and figures, creating a harmonious whole

Everyday vacations

If you want to keep the memory of summer and a vacation in sunny Morocco in your kitchen, you will love the patchwork over the worktop in shades of blue and green, reminiscent of the ocean depths

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