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How to finish walls in the bathroom?

Destini Fry
How to finish walls in the bathroom?

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Bathroom renovation is coming to an end, the design has been prepared for a long time and your bathroom is actually missing the last details? It’s not just the accessories that make up how your bathroom will ultimately look, although they will definitely give it a personal touch. Fixtures, while extremely important, are not all that draw attention to themselves in a bathroom. How to finish bathroom walls, what tiles to choose, whether to opt for a pattern or not?

But… are tiles for sure?

Without a doubt, tiles on the floor, walls, and sometimes even the ceiling of the bathroom, is the most practical and hygienic solution. This is because of the ease with which it comes to keeping tiles clean. More and more popular are projects with wooden finishes of the bathroom

The most popular and least creative option, when we want to replace something with tiles on bathroom walls, will be simply paint. Bathrooms very often combine these two elements with each other, by the way. Remember to choose a paint specially dedicated to your bathroom. Why? The answer is simple – they contain special formulas, thanks to which they protect the walls, if only from getting covered with mold and mildew

Wooden walls add a rustic look to your bath room, so think about whether they match the rest of the room for sure, but also the rest of your home

Another idea that a few years ago might have elicited a burst of laughter at best is wallpaper in the bathroom. In a humid room, not only special waterproof adhesives are used, but also a different type of wallpaper than what you would lay down in the living room, for example. We are talking about vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper made of fiberglass.

The enduring stone age

Stone is present in bathrooms both large and small, on the floor and on the walls. The main reason for this is that, in fact, decorative concrete or marble can be used to cover the entire wall surface of your bathroom as well as just one element to give your bathroom an individual touch. In addition, stone has the great advantage that it can be combined with each other – just different colors or thicknesses are enough to make it look perfect. It will look great in a bathroom with steel or glass elements. It is a practical material because it is incredibly resistant to water. Its use in the bathroom is an undoubted success!

Here are some suggestions:

  • marble – will work best in a larger sized bathroom, and with the huge selection of colors available on the market, you can easily match it with other bathroom elements;
  • onyx – will reign in a small bathroom thanks to its mosaic structure, which makes it look as if it was laid in this way on purpose;
  • granite – still a trendy stone, definitely one of the strongest options.

Kingdom of tiles

There’s a reason why tiles are still the most popular option in the bathroom. Not only are they easy to keep clean, but the wide range of designs available in stores from the best companies means that everyone can find one that fits their vision. Paradyż tiles are a great example, available in many different colors and patterns

Choose white with pastel colorsif you prefer classic combinations and your bathroom is not that big – bright colors will optically enlarge the room. Another great idea to incorporate bright tiles will be to break them with an intense color. It can be a vivid green, sea blue or even a contrasting black. This way, your bathroom won’t seem overwhelming and even surgical to you, but will take on an individual character. Remember also not to tile up to the ceiling if your bathroom is small , as this will give it a claustrophobic feel. Above all… Have fun! Nothing stands in the way of combining tiles with wood, or concrete with wallpaper.

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