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A cat in the house – what flooring to choose?

Destini Fry
A cat in the house – what flooring to choose?

A cat in the home certainly brings a lot of joy. However, this cuddly friend can do a lot of damage. So which floor should you choose so that it won’t be destroyed by your cat’s sharp claws?

Cat lovers can talk about their advantages for hours. However, it is necessary to approach quite practically to keeping this animal in the house or apartment. Well, it’s worth adjusting it to the cat’s occupant, and this applies mainly to the floor. It’s because it’s exposed to being scratched by sharp claws and, as a result, destroyed. So which one should you choose, in order not to worry about it and to be able to enjoy moments spent together with your cuddly friend?

Panels with high abrasion class

Which panels to choose when a cat lives with us? Definitely the ones with high resistance class. In rooms which are often used and where there are pets, AC5 panels will be good. These will be less susceptible to damage and scratching by sharp claws. AC3 and AC4 models will also work, which are slightly less resistant, but in this case light colors will be a better solution – possible scratches will not be so visible then.

Attention should also be paid to the usability class of the floor. If you have a cat living with you, it’s best to invest in class 33 or 32. The former applies to areas with heavy traffic, while the latter to medium traffic.

What kind of wood will be durable and resistant?

If you’re dreaming of a wood floor, it’s important to think carefully about which wood will be best. Kitten owners should think about flooring made from exotic species of wood, as they often contain a lot of non-structural substances in the form of tannins or oils. These ingredients are considered an additional impregnator that will protect our floor. A well-known and equally good solution is oak flooring. It is quite expensive, yet certainly a cost-effective solution. You should definitely resign from a floorboard made of birch or pine – it will quickly get damaged and will not look very impressive. So sometimes it is worth paying extra and enjoy a beautiful apartment longer, rather than investing in a renovation later.

Regardless of which wood you choose for your floor, you must remember to provide it with additional protection in the form of special agents. This will make the parquet or the floorboard resistant to scratches. It is best to use natural agents – such as oils, which will not harm our pet. Oils are also good because they make the floor not dangerously slippery.

How about tiles?

If you have a cat or any other animal at home, then tiles will always be a good idea. They don’t scratch, are easy to clean and durable. However, it is crucial to choose tiles, on which neither you nor your four-legged friend will slip. Fortunately, you can find plenty of non-slip tiles in stores nowadays.

Carpet is not a good solution if you have pets

If a pet lives with us, it is certainly not worth investing in a floor covering. It gets dirty very easily, it can also fray (from the claws of the cat), and in addition, it is difficult to dry it if it gets wet.

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