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Flushless doors – where do they fit?

Destini Fry
Flushless doors – where do they fit?

Are you finishing a renovation and wondering what doors to choose for particular rooms? Currently the doors without rebates are very popular on the market. What is hidden under this name?

Choosing doors for an apartment is always a dilemma. We are mainly guided by technical issues, but also aesthetics, because in the end the final design matters. When it comes to types of doors, there are quite a few. Currently, when choosing a model of home wings, we have to decide on rebated or nonrebated doors. Which are better and how do they actually differ?

They have a rather massive appearance – rebated doors without secrets

Doors with or without rebates are so called, but what do they actually refer to? The names come from the profile of the leaf edge and its connection with the frame (that is a fixed frame set in the inner edge of the building wall opening, in this case the door opening). So the difference relates primarily to the appearance, since the resistance to any damage is comparable in both cases.

The leaves in a rebateless door form a single plane with the aforementioned frame, because of this they have a rather distinctive appearance, so they fit more into certain styles, they will not work in everyone. What are the characteristics of such doors? Hinges in them are hidden and you can not see them after closing the door. What’s more, the door and the frame can be fitted into one line. Such a combination makes the rebate-free door look quite massive. Not everyone likes such a “heavy” way of finishing, but it has many advantages, for example it optically enlarges the floor

Doors without rebates are defined as modern, so in such interiors they will have a purpose. Their form is simple and minimalistic, despite the popular opinion that they look massive. Such doors are able to blend in with the surroundings, “blend in” – in a positive sense of the word – with the rest of the design accessories. Most often such doors are chosen for bedrooms and living rooms, but contemporary interior designers go a step further and recommend installing them also in bathrooms.

Straight edge of the leaf – rebate-free doors are becoming more and more popular

The edge of the leaf of rebate-free doors is completely straight, and after closing the door form a single plane with the frame. Doors without rebates are more expensive than interlocked models, which is due to a much more precise installation. The point is that this type of door may be equipped with hinges, but after closing the door wings they become completely invisible

Flushless doors are perfect for rooms where the door is usually closed and visible only from the outside. Such a door model is “clean”, that is, there are no special decorations, unnecessary details on it. So, looking at these features of the door without a rebate, you can easily conclude that they will look best in minimalist interiors, such as Scandinavian style, but also industrial. The leaf and also the door frame are placed in one line, so as we mentioned earlier, they also give the effect of optical widening of the floor. And from this fact, it also follows that they will look good in quite narrow passages.

Doors without rebates are also in minimalist interior design the essence that emphasizes the very convention of the arrangement. Due to their simple but massive form they add a modern chic and class to the decor. When choosing a rebate-free door for our interiors, it is worth paying more attention to the models with a frame hidden in the wall. An unquestionable advantage of door leaves from this line is the possibility to choose a leaf with a ready-made ornament or with a surface ready to be painted (often buyers want to paint the door to match the color of the living room or bedroom walls). Thanks to such a design procedure, it is easy to achieve the currently popular effect of the so-called hidden door.

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