Appliances and accessories useful in a modern kitchen

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The arrangement of a kitchen is an important part of decorating a house or apartment. It is worth thinking carefully about what equipment will be in it and bet on those that will maximally facilitate daily use. In this article we present accessories and appliances that are perfect for a modern kitchen.


Most ovens available on the market are equipped with a thermo-flow, several programs and the ability to bake on several levels. Modern models have more features that make everyday cooking easier. These include, for example, a microwave function. It is a perfect solution especially in kitchens that are not too big. One appliance gives us two options, so we have more possibilities.


We are used to hoods mounted above the stove. However, manufacturers offer a new version, namely countertop hoods. They are located under the worktop and can be pulled out when needed. This is a good solution especially for kitchens connected to the living room. A hood hidden in the countertop is less visible than one above it.

Kitchen island

More and more often kitchens are styled as large rooms with high countertops and cabinets. It is in such arrangements that kitchen islands, which are very functional, work perfectly. They also fit into small rooms. Setting the island in a central place will make access to it possible from all sides. Another advantage of this solution is that you can not only prepare meals but also eat them.

Islands are available in different shapes – square, oval or rectangular. No matter what shape you decide on, it is important that the height is suitable for all household members. In the top of the island, you can install an electric stove, a sink or a waste basket. The island also gives you extra storage space.

Kitchen accessories

In addition to furniture and basic equipment, your kitchen should also include smaller appliances. They are often so useful that after some time it’s hard to imagine cooking and daily life without them.

For the coffee drinker

A coffee machine is a must have for anyone who cannot imagine a day without this drink. There are various models available on the market, so surely everyone will find the perfect one for themselves. If you are wondering what manufacturer offers this device at an affordable price and good quality at the same time, Jura coffee machines are the solution for you.

In turn, people who also have a taste for other hot drinks, will be worth recommending a unique gooseneck kettle. This accessory will look great especially in a minimalist kitchen.

Elegant tableware

A modern kitchen cannot do without beautifully looking tableware. Plates, mugs, cups – all these elements should match each other to create a coherent whole. Porcelain, for example, looks exceptional. Visit an online china store to find something that complements the look of your kitchen.

Food processor

If we think about appliances that make cooking easier, it is impossible not to mention the food processor. This is a device that is capable of doing almost everything for us. Advanced models can blend, cook, chop, whisk, sauté, steam and mix. An increasingly common and very useful option is also the baking function, which allows us to not only bake a cake, but also bake bread. Some models of food processors offer the possibility of preparing yogurt or jam.

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