Black and white kitchen – timeless colors in the interior

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A white kitchen is a timeless standard and does not have to be boring. It can be decorated in many styles and colourful additions will give the room a distinct character

A white kitchen is a very practical solution, because it can easily be rearranged and adapted to current trends. All you need to do is change the accessories for new expressive elements in other colors. Thanks to this, the room will be refreshed and will change its previous character. The kitchen can be arranged in a chosen style such as classic, minimalist, retro, boho, loft or very popular recently – Scandinavian. The most important thing is to keep it functional and safe, and all the elements should form a coherent whole

What to avoid in a black and white kitchen?

If you decide to arrange the kitchen in black and white colors, make sure that they are properly placed. Avoid painting the ceiling, walls and floor black, as the room is then heavy and claustrophobic. A good solution is to choose white walls and white tiles on the floor. A black floor exposes any dirt, crumbs or stains, while a white floor is easier to keep clean. Especially in small rooms, white should be the main color and black should be added to make the kitchen feel light and bright. Black walls give a strong character and are suitable for typically masculine apartments. You should also avoid an excess of accessories. Too many of them will cause chaos in the kitchen.

What accessories for a modern kitchen?

Kitchen is a room where you spend a lot of time, so it’s worth taking care of its finish, so that every household member feels comfortable there. Simple white furniture goes perfectly with a wooden floor and wooden decorative elements. When choosing colors, pay attention to the size of the room. In case of a small kitchen, it is good to paint the walls the same shade as the furniture, thanks to which it will look bigger. For a white kitchen, it is worth betting on contrasting colors, such as a combination of white and black. This is a duet that will never go out of fashion. The composition of these two colors makes it easy to match other colors, so the choice of accessories is not as difficult as it may seem

What can you combine a kitchen in black and white colors with?

Black and white kitchen may seem cold, so think about accessories that will break this barrier and warm up the room. Colorful curtains, patterned wallpaper and lighting will break its cold atmosphere. An interesting idea is also to choose accessories in vintage style. Floral tea cups and an old-fashioned teapot for making coffee will give the kitchen a retro style. This is for people who want a modern room with distinctive elements. On the other hand, for those who love rustic style, a good solution is to choose accessories referring to country style. Hanging on the walls pans and pots on wooden wheels and setting a massive wooden table in the center will make the room get a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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