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Hot weather at home? See how to survive it

Destini Fry
Hot weather at home? See how to survive it

This year’s summer already from the very beginning treats us to high temperatures, which during the vacations are really pleasant, however when we work and conduct standard activities, they become burdensome. How to deal with them?

Cover the windows

If you have external or internal blinds, close them from morning until evening, this will make the interior of the rooms not so hot. You can also use blinds, dark curtains or storas for this purpose.

Remember to circulate

Ventilate your home thoroughly in the evenings and in the morning when the temperature drops and becomes more pleasant. You can also open the window during a gentle rain or a calm thunderstorm.

Controlled wind

If you need a quick and ad hoc cooling effect, you should invest in a windmill or fan. It can be a larger device that cools the whole room or a small one for your desk or bedside table to catch your breath.

Air conditioning

A more expensive way, but one that stays with us for longer, is the air conditioner. In Mediterranean countries, where high temperatures persist throughout the summer, it is already a standard. Therefore, if high temperatures give you a hard time every year, you should think about this purchase.

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