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Refresh your closet for spring! How to get rid of clothes?

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Destini Fry

Spring is a time for tidying up your closet. Before you get carried away by the whirlwind of spring sales, it is worth getting rid of the clothes lingering in your closet first!

Longer days and sunny rays give us a lot of energy and encourage us to spring cleaning. It is the perfect moment to take a look at your closet!

How to go through your closet?

It’s a good idea to go through each item individually and ask yourself whether you still like it and whether you’ll wear it again. Think about the last time you wore it and whether it fits your current style. It may turn out that some of your dresses and pants do not fit you anymore or are not in your size. Such things are a waste of closet space. Many people have clothes in their closet, which are waiting for better times and we keep them thinking ‘I’ll wear them someday’, but we know from experience that it never happens. Then it is worth to sell them and use the saved money for new clothes

Why is it worth clearing out your closet of unworn things?

After organizing your closet you will feel a significant difference. You will find it easier to find your style because you will leave only those clothes that you like and wear regularly. You will pay attention to the missing items in your closet and create a shopping list that you can systematically follow.

The great thing about tidying up your closet is that it reduces the amount of things in it, which makes it easier for you to keep things in order and makes choosing styles easier and more enjoyable .

What can you do with the clothes you no longer wear?

Once you have gone through your closet and found things you no longer wear, it is a good idea to sell them or give them to charity

Many people list their clothes on auction sites such as, or in special groups on social networking sites. You can also donate clothes in good condition to single mother’s homes, social welfare homes or Caritas. However, if you want to make some money and exchange your old clothes with another person, there are “closet agitation” fairs organized, where people exhibit their unwanted things. You can then get rid of your lingering clothes at home and find new gems for yourself.

If you are cleaning out your closet, sort your clothes by category. Divide them by color and type of clothing, such as casual, athletic and formal wear. Then it will be easier for you to compose your daily outfits

Daily habits

Once you have organized your closet, it is important to develop habits that will make it easier for you to stay organized and improve your daily clothing choices. First of all, try to keep your closet organized. Your clothes will be more visible, making it faster for you to find your styles. Another practical way is to check the weather the day before. This will allow you to prepare your favourite outfits in advance, which will save you a lot of time in the morning.

Changing your closet does not require a lot of money

If, after going through your closet, you decide you don’t want to get rid of your clothes but would like to change things up a bit, we have a solution for you!

There are many tricks that will give your blouse or handbag a whole new look. Just unbutton your cuffs, wear two different earrings, roll up your trouser legs or tie a colourful scarf around your bag and you’ll instantly have a new look!

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