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Garden party – 5 terrace arrangements

In the garden
Destini Fry
Garden party – 5 terrace arrangements

Want to host a glamorous garden party and looking for inspiration? Here are 5 patio decorating ideas.

For a successful outdoor party, in addition to the menu and entertainment, it’s a good idea to take care of the impressive decoration of the place. See how you can organize and decorate the space to make your guests feel comfortable.

1. Party in boho style

An interesting idea for a party decoration is a boho style arrangement. Garden furniture can be decorated with bright cushions, additionally set mattresses with bright blankets, and use lanterns and lush flowers as decorations.

2. Opt for spectacular lighting

Phenomenal lighting can give the party a unique atmosphere. Led garlands draped from the patio canopy, lanterns suspended over the tables, or striking lanterns will create a stunning effect

3. Cushions and a table made of pallets

You don’t have to be the owner of phenomenal garden furniture to prepare an aesthetic space for your party. All you need to create a large and practical table is some pallets, tablecloths, and decorations like candles or lanterns. Comfortable cushions can serve as seats

4. Eclectic composition

If you don’t have garden furniture, another possibility to create an interesting arrangement is to gather various chairs, armchairs, deckchairs around a low bench and combine these elements with the help of a coherent decoration – appropriately selected pillows, blankets, lanterns and flowers will be able to create a cozy atmosphere.

5. An ordinary table and unusual decorations

Even for the simplest table and chairs you can use on the terrace, a striking decoration will create a special atmosphere. Opt for a phenomenal tablecloth as a base, elegant tableware, decorative napkins, candles and lots of floral decorations! Well-chosen elements on the table are enough to give the party a festive atmosphere.

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