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Folding table for a small balcony – several arrangements

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Folding table for a small balcony – several arrangements

Apartments with spacious balconies are very popular. Balcony, even when we live in the city, gives us the opportunity to go out for fresh air. More and more people are arranging their balconies as places ideal for having a morning coffee or a moment of relaxation after a long day at work

In many cases, the balcony serves different functions, we often hang laundry there and store various things. To be able to make full use of the space on the balcony, it is therefore worth choosing a small folding table, which we can fold or unfold when necessary

Even a small balcony can be arranged in an interesting and thoughtful way. It is enough to plan well the space we have at our disposal and choose the optimal solution for us. Many people can not imagine that on their balcony was missing a coffee table and a comfortable chair, unfortunately, such furniture takes up quite a lot of space, so it is worth betting on models that can be easily folded. You can make such furniture for the balcony yourself or use ready-made proposals that you will find in stores. Check out how to use the full potential of your balcony and enjoy the charms of fresh air and the possibility of being outside

4 ideas for arranging a small balcony with a folding table

A balcony table mounted on the balustrade

When you have a very small balcony, a great idea to place the table is to attach it to the balustrade. It looks very stylish, and at the same time will serve sensationally as a coffee table. The main advantage of this solution is that the table takes up very little space and can be easily removed from the balustrade. Many models that can be found in garden furniture stores offer tables with adjustable height. This allows the top to be helpful while eating lunch or even provide a stand for your laptop. Most tables can be easily folded by lowering the top. It is a good idea to check before you buy what type of table can be mounted on our balustrade

Wall mounted balcony table

Another idea for a unique arrangement, which will work great on a small balcony, will be the use of a wall-mounted table. This is a great alternative to the table hanging on the balustrade, if we want to have free access to it. An undeniable advantage of such a table is its foldable and functional top. You can put a glass with a drink on it, put your favorite book or just put a pot with flowers. Tables with a wooden or glass top will look stylish. You can make this kind of furniture yourself by screwing a small board with a simple support to the wall

Folding balcony table

The simplest, but not the worst solution is to simply put a folding table on the balcony. Such a solution is ideal for a small balcony, where we do not need to have a table permanently, but use it occasionally. When we do not use the table, we can easily hide it, previously folding it into a small rectangle

When folded, the table can be slid behind the back of a closet, hung on a hook or hidden in a cellar, for example. Wooden tables that have a top made of thin boards look the nicest. It is worth finding such a model, which is stable and does not topple over in small gusts of wind

A balcony table made from vegetable crates

A fruit or vegetable crate can also serve as a low table. It’s a good idea to refurbish it beforehand, for example by abrading it with sandpaper and then painting it in your favourite color. It is perfect as a small coffee table where you can put a cup and a plate with snacks. It’s also a great place to put candles or lanterns when you want to spend a romantic evening on the balcony. Outside the summer season you can store tools or other items in the box

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