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Gold accessories for the home – a review of ornaments

Destini Fry
Gold accessories for the home – a review of ornaments

Although gold is associated with glamour, in small quantities it can emphasize the charming elegance of your interior. And it does not have to be glamorous! Gold also fits into minimalist and modern arrangements

Gold walls or gold furniture upholstery may be a bit excessive. Gold should be introduced discreetly, so as not to achieve the effect of baroque splendor or, even worse, bazaar trashiness. So the best idea is to introduce this color scheme through accessories! In this article you will find as many as 10 ideas for gold accessories, which will bring class and sophistication to the interior, but without excessive exaggeration.

Gold Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful accessories that, in addition to their aesthetic function, have a strongly utilitarian role. Small hanging mirrors can be treated as a decoration of bare walls – instead of paintings, posters or frames. Additionally, they optically enlarge the space. Gold blends well with glass, so mirrors in golden frames often appear in interiors.

If you care about modest forms, choose a minimalist option. On the other hand, if you want your glamour or retro interiors to fully deserve this name, choose an ornamented, thick frame of a free-standing mirror.

Chandeliers – golden and elegant

Candlesticks are an underestimated, yet extremely important addition. The natural glow of a candle introduces a completely different kind of atmosphere, romantic and intimate, which cannot be achieved by any other kind of light. Candlesticks play a very useful role, but they themselves can look fabulous – especially those gold ones, whose glossy cover perfectly harmonizes with the light and reflects it.

Gold frames in the interior

In every home there will be at least one photo – what it will hang in is up to you. The most common choice are minimalist, modest in form frames, kept in timeless color duet – black and white

However, if you want to introduce gold into your living room or bedroom arrangement, frames will be a discreet way to sneak it in. You can choose more industrial ones, made only of thin pieces of metal, as well as more crazy ones, with delicate curves and interesting shapes.


Whether they will be small boxes for jewelry in the bedroom or containers for kitchen ingredients, there are pieces on the market that gently display the gold color scheme.

For modern arrangements the most suitable will be glass containers, in which the joints of the walls are made of metal elements in gold or brass color. A structure made entirely of gold metal could be too heavy and imposing.

Lanterns in the color of gold

Lanterns are a way to take gold accessories beyond the four walls – and bring them to the patio! As with the boxes, the most versatile will be products made of glass, which only feature some of the gold elements. Plus, they will look great in the evenings – especially if they are candle lanterns.


Have you ever seen cups, whose very rim or ear was made of porcelain painted in gold color? This is an extremely elegant and dignified version of tableware, which will look great on the shelf as a decoration, and during important celebrations will emphasize the exquisiteness of the table and the arrangement.

In more rustic interiors, the cups and plates, whose cracks and imperfections have been emphasized with gold paint and shown as a positive expression of uniqueness, will also be perfect.

Clocks in the color of gold

Gold clocks are one of the most clever ways to introduce gold into your four walls. They are discreet, elegant, and to top it off, the shape of the bulbs and the color of yellow gold is a timeless duo that just works great together.

Handles and knobs

Gold knobs and handles are the most common motif in glamour style. Most often they are very ornate, ornamented or carved. However, in minimalist style and modern design they will also look great – especially when combined with strong colors, such as classic black.


You can mark the presence of golden accessories in your interiors already from the threshold. Let a golden coat hanger or minimalist hooks in the same color welcome your guests in the corridor. This is a very discreet, unobtrusive addition, but at the same time extremely useful.

Furniture elements or golden home accessories

We understand that you may be negative towards furniture made entirely of gold-colored metal. However, some structural elements, such as the legs or the frame, look surprisingly good in gold, especially in minimalist and industrial designs

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