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Home remedies for a runny nose

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Destini Fry
Home remedies for a runny nose

Rhinitis is a common ailment that affects us especially in the autumn and winter. Its causes may be very different and it may take various forms. What are the causes of catarrh and how to deal with it home remedies?

Rhinitis is one of the most common symptoms of viral infections, which attack our body especially when we are weakened. The most common medications used for a runny nose are nasal drops, but there are also many home remedies that we have gathered in this article so that you can deal with the annoying nasal discharge

How to treat a runny nose with home remedies?

There are many types of runny nose – they can be runny or thick, profuse or not. Not infrequently it makes breathing difficult. Most often it appears in the period of increased risk of disease. Then it is necessary to moisten the nose, for example, with saline or sea salt solution, which are available at any pharmacy. To help you breathe more freely, reduce the air temperature in your bedroom and increase the humidity. If you do not have a humidifier, you can do this by placing a wet towel on the radiator

There are also various nasal sticks available at the drugstore. A very effective home remedy for a runny nose is herbal ointments, rubbed on the chest. They make it easier to breathe, especially at night. When you get a runny nose, remember to hydrate your body. Drinking water is most recommended then, but you can also drink warm tea with honey or warming syrup

Inhalations – great for a runny nose

A great way to fight a runny nose is home inhalations. They help in decongesting airways and make breathing easier. To perform them you need an inhaler, into which we pour, for example, saline. It has a cleansing and moistening effect. Such inhalation should be performed every day for several days. This is an effective way to fight a cold or sick sinuses

You can also treat asthma and various infections in this way. You can also add various essential oils to such inhalations, which accelerate their effect, for example, pine tree oil is great for treating sick sinuses and even the flu. Eucalyptus oil, on the other hand, helps fight colds, runny noses and sore throats. A few drops of the oil are enough for inhalation. However, there are several contraindications to their use. These are circulatory insufficiency, asthma attack, tuberculosis, cancer of the respiratory system, heart failure, inflammation of the throat, larynx or nose, sinusitis and tonsillitis of a purulent nature and hemorrhage from the respiratory tract.

Effective home remedies for a runny nose

There are other home remedies for a runny nose. If we do not have an inhaler at home we can use an aroma fireplace. Pour a few drops of essential oil into it and put a candle underneath. Under the influence of heat the oil will begin to release a beautiful fragrance. Its effect is much weaker, but it will help in decongesting the airways. However, if the problem is big, the aroma fireplace will be insufficient, but instead of inhalation we can make ourselves a so called “steamer”. However, it should be remembered that it can not be performed to children. How to prepare it?

Pour hot water into a bowl and then dissolve salt in it. Sea salt works best here, but you can also use ordinary table salt. You can also add a few drops of essential oil, for example mint, eucalyptus or pine. Then cover your head with a towel and inhale the steaming water with salt and oils. This is a traditional home remedy for decongesting the airways. When performing this treatment, be careful not to burn yourself

How to take care of immunity during a cold?

A cold means that our immune system is weakened, so we also need to support it in fighting the cold. Garlic will help us with this. Crush it every day and eat it. If you do not like its taste, mix it with honey or apple. Also eat onions during this time because they have antiviral effects. You can add onion slices to your sandwiches

Onions are very tasty and will help your body to fight the cold. Be sure to make warming infusions and teas to go with your sandwiches. A ginger infusion will work great. Cut a few slices of ginger or grate it and add cloves, then pour warm water over them. When the infusion brews, add to it a squeezed lemon and a tablespoon of honey. You can enrich it with frozen raspberries, for example.

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