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How do you repair an inflatable toy or mattress?

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Summer has arrived, and with it more frequent trips to the water. Going to the beach, swimming pool, lake or sea, we can not forget about inflatable toys, swimming rings and mattresses, thanks to which such an outing becomes a real fun – both for children and adults. But what to do when such items break and air begins to escape from them? Ewa Tacka, Bostik’s expert suggests how to repair them

Inflatable pool, mattresses in the shape of a piece of pizza or inflatable flamingos – beach accessories are loved by everyone, because they are a great way to spend summer time in an imaginative way. However, during the off-season, we often hide these types of toys and mattresses at the bottom of the closet, not realizing how badly they’ve been damaged by recent summer activities. Is there a way to – despite the breakage – give them a second life and protect them from being thrown away? This is where Bostik Fix Soft Plastic comes in.

Beach accessories such as inflatable mattresses are pretty easy to destroy. Just a moment’s inattention and your favorite “pizza” or “flamingo” can break. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to have an adhesive on hand that is perfect for emergency situations. Bostik Fix Soft Plastic is a perfect product for permanent bonding and repairing of products made of plastic, i.e. soft plastic and coated fabrics

– says Ewa Tacka, Bostik expert.

Full protection – even under water

Fix Soft Plastic is a high-quality, flexible one-component adhesive based on polyurethanes. Thanks to creating an invisible bond, it can be used for bonding thin-walled and transparent elements. The product is safe to use and does not contain harmful toluene and cyclohexane. Pay special attention to this when you are choosing an adhesive.

The adhesive is fully waterproof, so it can be used to glue items underwater – for example, to repair a pool without releasing water. In addition, it is also resistant to UV radiation, changing temperatures, diluted acids or bases, detergents and oils, so it can be used, among others, to repair tarpaulins

– explains the Bostik expert

The way to damage

How to glue damaged, inflatable mattresses? As explained by Ewa Tacka, Bostik expert, at the beginning we have to make sure that the surface we’re gluing is clean, dry and free from dust, grease and loose parts, in addition, devoid of residues of old glue. When we want to carry out repairs under water, the target material must be thoroughly cleaned of any algae layer and dirt.

How to properly glue inflatable mattresses, toys or tarps? It’s easy! Just apply glue to both surfaces to be glued and spread it evenly with a dispensing tip or brush. Then wait for the solvents to evaporate – about 5 minutes at +18°C. After this step, the adhesive should be dry to the touch. Next, press down firmly and smooth out the glued surfaces. Finally, leave the glued object to cure completely for about 12 hours

– suggests the Bostik expert

When bonding underwater surfaces, first apply a thicker coat of adhesive to the cut patch and spread it evenly – for example with a dispensing tip or brush. Afterwards, immediately press the adhesive onto the repaired area, removing any air and water residue very carefully

Pay particular attention to ensuring that the edges are glued firmly. To do this, smooth the applied patch and remove excess glue and air bubbles. Dry and warm environment accelerates, while low temperature delays the process of solvent evaporation – a convenient temperature is above +18°C

– adds Ewa Tacka, Bostik expert

Summer is the time that favors trips to the water. In addition to the beautiful weather, golden sand and crazy activity in the water, the fun is also varied by various beach accessories – inflatable mattresses, dinghies, toys or wheels, which sometimes can not withstand the water frenzy. So how to give them a second life? One solution is Bostik Fix Soft Plastic, an adhesive for simple and durable bonding and repairing of products made of coated fabrics and soft PVC

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