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Replacing fronts in kitchen cabinets – how to do it?

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Destini Fry
Replacing fronts in kitchen cabinets – how to do it?

Want to change the look of your kitchen, but without a costly and time-consuming overhaul? Replace your cabinet fronts! You’ll spend less than you would on brand new furniture and completely change the look of your kitchen. It will also help minimize waste, so if you’re trying to live a zero waste lifestyle, this solution is definitely for you!

How do I replace the fronts on my kitchen cabinets?

It’s definitely easier and faster than replacing all the furniture including the carcasses. The most important thing to remember is to measure each cabinet carefully and write down the measurements – this will help you avoid disappointment if you buy fronts that are too small or too big. Measure the heights and widths on the inside of the cabinet, this will allow for more accurate measurements. Also measure the spacing between the hinges so that your new fronts will mount steadily and be safe to use. Next, it’s time to head to the furniture store and choose the fronts you want according to your measurements. You can choose from wooden fronts, foiled fronts or lacquered fronts. When we have everything selected we need to drill holes for hinges in the appropriate places and install everything one by one. And done! There is nothing left to do but enjoy the transformed kitchen.

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