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What to do with hyacinth after flowering?

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What to do with hyacinth after flowering?

Spring is the time when beautifully fragrant hyacinths form multicolored carpets. These flowers bloom for a long time, enjoying their charm. What to do when the hyacinth blooms? How to grow hyacinths in a pot?

Hyacinth – a beautifully blooming spring flower

The hyacinth is one of the most popular bulbous plants grown in gardens. These flowers can also be grown in pots on windowsills at home and on balconies and terraces. The hyacinth is a flower belonging to the asparagus family. There are about 100 species of this flower. The most popular species is the eastern hyacinth with blue coloration. When grown in soil, hyacinths bloom from April to May, for about 2 to 3 weeks

What to do with Hyacinth when it blooms?

Once the hyacinth has flowered, follow the rule: “do not cut off the leaves, but let them dry”. This is the only way the bulbs can gather strength to produce flowers the following season. As long as the leaves do not wither, they transfer all the necessary nutrients to the bulbs. When the leaves fall, you can do one of two things: dig up the bulbs or leave them in the ground.

When the leaves have wilted, you can dig up the bulbs, clean them and dry them. This can be done with a bag made of natural fabrics hung in a dry place. Only healthy bulbs should be selected for drying. The others should be discarded in the garbage. Once the bulbs are dried, then you need to store them in a paper bag or basket. You can also keep them in a cardboard box. Then it is advisable to layer them with newspapers.

The second option is to leave the bulbs in the ground. This solution has one disadvantage – heavier bulbs dig deeper into the soil. In heavy soils, water stagnation can occur and the bulbs will rot. Hyacinth bulbs in one place can grow 3-4 years without digging.

What to do with the hyacinth in the pot after flowering?

Anyone who grows hyacinths in a pot asks himself what to do with it. It is not easy to grow this plant in a pot for many years and have it bloom again, but it is possible. All it takes is proper care.

In the apartment, hyacinths begin to bloom already at Christmas time. In the pot, the flower heads need to be cut off. This allows the flower to bloom again. Do not remove the leaves as long as they are green. Water the plant regularly during this time.

When the last colorful flower has bloomed, the plant will go dormant. The pot with the hyacinth should be moved to a dry and cool place, watering moderately. When the leaves turn yellow and fall off completely, then you should stop watering.

You can remove the bulb from the pot, clean it and store it in a dry and cool place. In order for the hyacinth to bloom again, it must go through a “cold phase”, which means that it must be about 8 weeks in a dry and dark place – the temperature should oscillate between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius. If you don’t have such a place at home, it’s a good idea to put the seedlings in the fridge in a container for vegetables.

Care of potted hyacinth after the “resting phase”

Hyacinth rest ends when it begins to sprout new shoots. This is when you should put the bulb in a pot with new soil. Place the pot in a bright place in a room with a temperature of 15°C. Initially, the plant should be watered moderately. As the flower develops, start watering regularly.

Hyacinth bulbs can be grown for up to 15 years with proper care.

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