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How to properly air out my bedding?

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Bedding is more pleasant to use after airing and can improve the quality of sleep. Regular airing is also important for the bedding itself, so that it retains its quality for longer.

If it is possible, it is best to air the bedding outdoors, in the garden or on a balcony. Bed linen can also be aired out in the bedroom. Remember to take off the covers before airing and put on fresh ones after.

How to air out bedding outdoors?

If you spread the bedding on a balcony, be careful not to let it get dirty by touching the balustrade or the building’s facade. If you hang it in the garden, it is best to hang it by a clothesline. Remember then not to expose the bed linen to unfavorable weather conditions, such as humidity or intense sun.

How to air out your bedding in the bedroom?

It is enough to open the window wide, and preferably make a draught to provide as much fresh air as possible. Leave the sheets on the bed and from time to time turn them inside out.

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