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How to light up a terrace? 6 inspirations

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Destini Fry
How to light up a terrace? 6 inspirations

Terraces and balconies are extensions of your home or apartment. In summer and spring, they are places where you often spend a lot of time, and in autumn and winter, when it gets darker faster outside the window, it can be an outdoor space that creates an indoor atmosphere. So how do you choose the right lighting to create a unique mood? Check out these 6 unique ideas.

Lighting enhances the look of a space and creates a romantic and charming atmosphere. It increases comfort and is conducive to staying in such an area. The terrace is a place to relax and meet with family or friends. Happy are those who own such an area. How to choose the right lamps for the balcony? First, keep it in moderation, it is supposed to be a glow in the evening and at night, not making the day dark by force. Second, be consistent. Ideally, choose lamps from the same collection, with the same style. In addition, if the area of your terrace is large, you may want to divide it into zones where there will be jupiters of different use. It is good if they are switched on with different switches, which will allow you to dose the light if necessary. See below for some interesting solutions.

Ways to light up your patio

Hanging lamps

They are very practical, thanks to their adjustable height you can quickly adjust the length of the cord to suit your needs. They also eliminate cables on the floor. They give a lot of even light and when hung over a table, they are perfect for meetings. They imitate home lighting, mounted to the ceiling.

Wall lamps

In case your terrace doesn’t have a roofing, wall lamps are a good choice. You can place them on the walls of the building. The light reflecting off the wall illuminates a large area, so it is a practical and economical choice. In addition, if they are well placed, they will illuminate the entire terrace area and make it easier to move around regardless of the time


Use them to create a play of light, to highlight flowers and other planting in the vicinity of the terrace or balcony or direct them to another specific point

Recessed lights

Their undoubted advantage is the fact that they do not dazzle and discreetly give light. This method of lighting is used in the walls, floor and stairs that surround the terrace.

Light garlands

On sale are available balls of different sizes, colors and lengths of wire. This is a mobile installation, so every now and then you can create different compositions from this equipment. These portable lamps look interesting also during the day. You can place the light decorations over the table, around the banister or in any other place of your choice.

Lamps in the form of lanterns

This is a very romantic option. In the role of climatic lighting are perfect decorative small or medium-sized lanterns and worlds. They will create a cozy and intimate atmosphere

Solar lighting

If you do not have the possibility of safe placement of cables, solar lamps may be an ideal solution. They are both practical and environmentally friendly. Solar panels placed in them capture solar energy and store it in batteries. When it gets darker, the accumulated power activates, illuminating your home. It’s uncomplicated and environmentally friendly

Which light to choose – warm or cold?

You can find two colors of white light in stores. A warm shade has a more relaxing effect than a cold one, which is often dedicated to workplaces and those with high activity levels. In the offer you will also come across jupiters in colored tones. However, the final choice depends on your preferences.

Technical parameters of outdoor lamps

Outdoor lamps have specific properties, their fixtures should be described with an IP symbol. Models for use outdoors must have a minimum of IP44, where the first digit is the degree of protection against dust, and the second digit means watertightness against moisture. The material of the housing is also crucial. On the terrace, aluminum, cast iron or steel lamps will work well. To enjoy the purchased goods for several seasons, it is better to buy a high-quality product.

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