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How do I fit a wall mount to my TV?

Destini Fry
How do I fit a wall mount to my TV?

A TV can be a very elegant complement to the living room decor. Modern plasma TVs can be easily fixed to a wall or ceiling – a suitable mount is needed to do this. How to choose a TV bracket to match the interior design of the living room?

Why should I mount my TV on a wall or ceiling?

Mounting a TV on a wall or ceiling has many advantages:

  • aesthetics – the living room looks more modern;
  • spaciousness – the lack of a stand makes the living room more spacious;
  • safety – hanging the TV on the wall out of reach of small children is safe, so it will not be damaged while playing;
  • concealment of wires – when hanging the TV on the wall it is easier to hide the wires.

Types of TV brackets

Wall-mounted – the most popular are TV mounts that attach to walls with screws. There are several types of these mounts and they are:

  • fixedno adjustment whatsoever, very cheap;
  • tilt – they have vertical adjustment, top-down;
  • rotating – they have vertical adjustment up to 90 degrees;
  • tiltand turn – they have vertical and horizontal adjustment;
  • ceiling – not very popular solution, not suitable for suspended ceilings;
  • office mounts – designed for small TVs or monitors.

What should I consider when selecting a TV mount?

The choice of a TV mount is determined by several factors, and these are

  • the weight of the TV,
  • the mounting system,
  • the material from which the wall has been made.

When choosing a TV mount, you should be guided by:

Maximum load capacity

Mounts are designed for different sizes and weights of televisions. Each mount has a maximum load specified by the manufacturer. Therefore, always check the weight of the TV. If a soundbar is to be mounted under the TV, the weight of the soundbar should be added to the weight of the TV.

VESA standard

Check the TV’s manual for the VESA standard, which is the spacing of the mounting holes. If the manual does not mention the VESA standard, you should purchase a mount with universal spacing.

Tilt Angle Adjustment

A mount with angle adjustment is especially recommended for spacious living rooms where couches and armchairs are at a considerable distance from the TV.

Distance between TV and wall

When choosing a wall mount, you should pay attention to the distance of the TV from the wall after mounting. It is worth knowing that the more adjustment options a mount has, the greater the distance it has to be from the wall.

Additional equipment

The TV bracket may be additionally equipped with:

  • screws for mounting,
  • spirit level,
  • drilling template
  • cable reel.

Mounting on a wall

When mounting a TV bracket on the wall, it is worth remembering about:

  • precision – even the slightest deviation will cause it to hang crookedly;
  • strength of the wall on which it is to be mounted – if it is a partition wall made of weaker material, it is advisable to consult a specialist before mounting the bracket and hanging the TV;
  • accuracy of drilling holes – it is necessary to precisely mark places on the wall where the TV is to be hung. Make sure that there are no cables there;
  • wiringfrom external devices – Think carefully about wiring from external devices such as:
    • console,
    • set-top box,
    • tuner,
    • soundbar.
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