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How to install roller blinds yourself?

Destini Fry
How to install roller blinds yourself?

Although curtains and drapes look very nice, sometimes wall and window blinds turn out to be much more useful. Instead of spending money on specialists, it is better to install them yourself

Installation of roller blinds on your own

Modern blinds, both window and wall mounted, are extremely easy to install, so you can easily do it yourself. If we follow the instructions, we can successfully carry out the entire process in just over a dozen minutes. For this purpose, it is worth buying such roller blinds, which are intended for self-assembly. Then you can easily install wall and window roller blinds. However, it is worth knowing what to consider when choosing this type of roller blinds.

Installation of wall and window roller blinds – what are the differences?

Both types of roller blinds can be installed by ourselves. However they differ slightly in the installation method. The simplest is the window roller blind, which is fully non-invasive and does not require disturbing the window structure or drilling holes. Wall roller blinds, on the other hand, are mounted directly to the ceiling or wall, not on the window frame. Therefore, it is necessary to drill holes for screws and mounting pins.

Regardless of which type of roller blind we choose, a wide range of colors and designs will be available to us. The sets we choose will always include installation instructions, the roller blind together with the mechanism and a chain tensioner. The window blind will also include mounting hooks and side tension of the fabric. A wall blind, on the other hand, contains pegs and screws that replace the hooks. You won’t find the side tension of the fabric either, because it simply won’t be used here.

Day and night blind – step by step installation

In case of the day-and-night roller blind, i.e. the window one, the installation should start with unrolling the chain which should be carefully attached to the sides of the roller blind mechanism. Together with the chain, you should attach the mounting hooks. Next, we remove the tape from the hooks, which will enable us to fix the roller blind to the window. After it has been properly positioned, we have to tighten the hooks very tightly so that they adhere to the window frame.

The second step is to mount the side tension of the fabric. It consists of a line and bottom brackets. Thread the strings through the brackets and stretch them over the full length of the blind. Then we use the attached tape to stick it to the bottom of the window frame.

Then we need to mount the bottom weight, which we place in the bottom part of the blind. Finally, we assemble the chain tensioner. To do this:

  1. We put the chain through the tensioner.
  2. Unroll it to the full length of the blind.
  3. Fix the tensioner with a plate with double sided tape – the fixing is of course in the bottom part of the window frame.

Installation of mini roller blind

If you decide on a mini window roller blind, you should carry out similar steps as in the case of the day and night blind. First, you assemble the mechanism and attach it to the roller blind. Then you put the mounting hooks in the right place and mount the mini roller blind in the side tension mounting. Mount the tensioner and chain in the bottom part of the window frame.

How to install the wall roller blind?

The installation of the wall roller blind is slightly different. First of all, they are not attached to the window frame but fixed directly to the ceiling or wall. Therefore, they do not have any side tension.

How to install a wall blind step by step?

  1. Drill holes in the wall or ceiling. We place mounting pins and screws in them.
  2. Attach the chain to the side mechanism of the roller blind.
  3. Using screws and mounting pegs you mount the blind to the wall or ceiling.
  4. Finally, put the chain through the tensioner and unroll it to the full length of the window frame. Mount the tensioner to the ceiling or wall using pegs and screws.
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