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What types of wood are good for furniture?

Destini Fry
What types of wood are good for furniture?

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Wood is the basic factor that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere in the house. Wooden furniture is not only a stylish design element, but also a guarantee of solidity and reliability, provided it is made of the right wood. Find out what types of wood are good for furniture.

What must wood have for furniture?

Furniture is built of both soft and hard wood. The level of hardness of the raw material should be chosen according to the type of furniture that will be made from it. Solid wood tables or table tops and chairs, for example, need to be made of more durable wood species than shelves or shelving for lightweight items. Depending on what will be made of the wood in question, it should be resistant to dents, breakage and chipping. Hardwoods include, for example:

  • oak,
  • beech,
  • walnut,
  • maple,
  • ebony,
  • birch

On the other hand, soft woods are used to make, among other things, veneer or chipboard, but also, for example, cabinets and bookcases. Very soft woods, such as linden, are used for carving, so often ornaments and decorations for the home are also made of these wood species. Soft woods include:

  • poplar,
  • spruce,
  • alder,
  • linden,
  • pine,
  • larch

Why is it worth investing in wooden furniture?

Wood never goes out of fashion, furniture made of solid wood is associated with timeless elegance and classics. Such home appliances will not only fit into any decor, but also give it a unique, homely warmth. Wood is a solid raw material that has been used for years, so it is worth trusting the reliability of this material. The key to a good and economical use of wood, is the proper selection of species for the purpose of its use. Bed boards cannot be made of soft wood, which will break under our weight, and the table or the table top in the kitchen cannot be prone to dents and bruises, because it will not serve us long and quickly cease to please the eye

Wooden furniture is an investment, it is definitely more expensive than furniture made of chipboard, but you should take into account the huge advantage of solid wood over board, both in terms of visual appeal and durability. A real plank table will undoubtedly become the highlight of any dining room, and a wooden bed frame in the bedroom will make it the coziest place in the house

What kind of wood should specific furniture be made of?

Each piece of furniture is used in a different way, so the species of wood must be matched according to its purpose

Oak is a very popular species of wood, mainly due to its hardness and strength. It is used to make kitchen and bathroom countertops, as well as tables, benches, coffee tables and all surfaces exposed to intensive use

It is an extremely resistant to damage species of wood, which in addition to its reliability, is also characterized by a beautiful color, which makes it a popular choice for homeowners. It warms up every interior and gives it a unique charm. Similar woods to oak are ash, larch and walnut.

Pine is the most popular wood species, mainly due to its low price. It is not the most durable wood, but it is not completely soft either, the strength to price ratio is very favorable. Pine is therefore suitable for making furniture such as cabinets, tables, beds, shelves and bookcases

Beech is also very widely used in carpentry. It is often used to make parquet floors, as well as curved furniture such as chairs and armchairs. It is relatively easy to work with, especially compared to oak. It is extremely durable, and beech furniture from the 1960s and 1970s is still being restored and placed in contemporary interiors

Wood is a beautiful and timeless raw material, used in furniture making for centuries. The class and elegance which wooden furniture brings to an interior is worth every zloty, and the durability of wood gives us a guarantee of reliability, confirmed by hundreds of years of testing.

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