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How to organize a trip with a dog?

Destini Fry
How to organize a trip with a dog?

Can’t imagine a vacation without your beloved pet? See how to plan a vacation with your dog to make it successful and stress-free for you and your pet.

In order to efficiently organize a trip with your pet, you should take into account such issues as: the choice of vacation destination, suitable accommodation, transport and entry regulations in force in a given country

Travel with your dog – choosing a destination

In addition to our own preferences, we must also take into account the comfort of our dog – if we do not yet know how our pet reacts to various activities and conditions, then it will be good to “test” it by going on weekend trips in advance

Photo by: Egor Gordeev / Unsplash

Vacationing with your pet – accommodation

Look for accommodations that accept four-legged guests. Find out how many pets can accompany you and if there are any restrictions in the accommodation. Remember that in most cases you will have to pay extra for the stay of your pet.

Vacation with your dog – choice of transport

We have the option of taking your pet on a plane, but it is worth bearing in mind that animals weighing more than 5 kg spend the flight in a cargo box in the cargo compartment – not every dog can withstand such a journey well. In the case of travel by ship, we must be sure that our pet does not suffer from seasickness. If we decide to travel by train, we need to equip the dog with a leash and a muzzle. The most convenient means of transport for a vacation with your pet seems to be your own car.

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Traveling with your pet – what else you should pay attention to

About 8 hours before departure, reduce the portion of your pet’s meal – an excess of food can cause him discomfort. Take a supply of water for your pet – he should drink enough during the trip. Make sure you stop every two hours or so

Also familiarize yourself with the pet regulations of the area if you are traveling abroad. Also find out what vaccinations are necessary for your trip – it’s best to consult your vet about this.

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