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An idea for a cheap terrace – how to arrange it? What materials should I choose?

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Are you looking for an idea for a cheap patio? If you’re thinking about how to decorate your home, you’ve come to the perfect place. See how to refresh your space without spending a lot of money from your household budget

Cheap patio furnishing – what to keep in mind?

If you’re planning to decorate your patio on the cheap, it’s a great idea. We know ways to get not only a durable, but also an aesthetically pleasing surface. One of the best ideas is a terrace on the ground. Such a terrace needs to be constructed on joists and a concrete slab – unfortunately, this aspect can generate additional cost. One way to quickly finish a terrace is to lay it directly on the ground. In this case, you can choose paving stones and have your dream terrace done in just a few hours

If you dream of a wooden terrace, you have to prepare yourself for a slightly higher cost. Unfortunately, wooden planks are not suitable for laying on rough ground – this material needs to be supported on a solid and moisture-insulating base. Choose domestic timber to save a little money

Zero waste decking – is it possible?

I’m sure you can hardly imagine that you can furnish a terrace from scratch with recycled products. In fact, some of the items are really reusable. In 2021, creating a simple terrace in accordance with the zero waste ideology is very popular not only because of the low cost. Simple solutions and natural materials remain trendy these days. If your budget for a terrace remains really tight or you intend to use available solutions and protect the environment, be sure to check out our suggestions for a cheap zero waste terrace

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  • furniture made from pallets – this is the perfect solution that fits into the zero waste ideology. If we decide on such furniture, we have two choices. Furniture from pallets we are able to make on our own or order from people who make both simple and more complex projects from this material. After creating the basis, it is worth taking care of your comfort and functionality of the created furniture. In this situation, we are successfully able to use old cushions or show creativity and create additions to the furniture from pallets on their own
  • car tires – the use of car tires can help you furnish your terrace in several ways. First of all, you can use these seemingly useless products to create beautiful flower pots. In addition, the old tires can be used as a table or a pouffe, for example. In this situation, you are only limited by your imagination

Patio decoration – how to do it cheaply?

Plants on a patio can look really beautiful and no one is in any doubt about that. However, there may be doubts as to whether you should include flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs on your patio. To create a beautiful terrace surrounded by lush vegetation, we do not have to spend a lot of money

All we need is our creativity and basic knowledge of plant care. When looking for ways to make our terrace decor interesting, one alternative has become growing microgreens. It is a combination of aesthetic appearance and functionality of our crops

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