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How do you support your child in developing their imagination?

Destini Fry
How do you support your child in developing their imagination?

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While many young parents focus on the emotional, cognitive, and social aspects of child development, imagination is one of the most important elements of toddler development. After all, imagination is not only about making up incredible stories and organizing plays with teddy bears; it’s also about understanding other people, anticipating what might happen and being able to interpret things. That is why it is so important to support the development of a child’s imagination from an early age.

No mistakes

When we do not allow a child to make mistakes, they will not be able to reach their full potential, limited by pressure from parents and stress when they want to meet their exorbitant demands. This is why cut-outs for kids are a good solution that will not limit their creativity. By themselves, they are the art of mistakes and errors, so they are great for toddlers who are just discovering their abilities

It’s nothing if your child is just learning to hold scissors. Cut-outs are a great training not only for the mind, but also for toddler’s motor skills. It’ s important not to limit children’s time, because it doesn’t allow them to fully express themselves artistically, and imposes rigid framework into which they have to fit. Allow your child to gain their own experience, without sharing your predictions with them. Your little one will be eager to discover the results of their actions on their own and will undoubtedly find it very satisfying. If you let your child decide what and how they feel like creating, you will give them the opportunity to discover their own taste and express themselves through art

A world without borders

Literature transports us to a world of endless possibilities, develops empathy and allows us to visit places we would normally only see on a map. Instill a love of novels in your little one, thus helping to develop their imagination. Children’s books are such a broad subject that each child will easily find the right genre for himself. It may happen that after the first story your little one decides that reading is not for her, but don’t give up. Just because she doesn’t like an adventure book doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy a fantasy novel

If the problem is not the genre of the book, but the number of pages that greatly outweighs your child’s ability to focus, a good alternative would be audiobooks for children. This solution allows you to take the best from literature, at the same time not overwhelming the toddler with long reading, for which he is not yet ready.

Free play

All you need to do is let your child play unfettered by your busy schedule. That’s all it takes to support your child’s speech, literacy, and numeracy development, as well as to teach critical thinking skills, courage, independence, and how to build healthy relationships with other people . Imagination also helps to find imaginative solutions to problems, which shapes character

Although a child’s brain is almost four times lighter than an adult’s, it has almost the same number of neurons (about one hundred billion). As a result, toddlers have a remarkable ability to learn quickly and invent new things. In addition, imagination strongly affects memory processes. The more it is developed, the better the ability to remember. Therefore, psychologists, pedagogues and neurobiologists encourage to use this knowledge and make use of it in everyday contact with children

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