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How do I prune an orchid?

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Proper orchid care does not have to be difficult. One of the most important things is to properly trim rotten or dry roots and stems

Root pruning

Prepare cinnamon or powdered charcoal before doing so. Remove the plant from the soil and gently clean the roots so you can see all the rotten and dry parts. Cut off the dead part and some healthy tissue with boiling water scissors to be sure that the rot will not continue. Sprinkle the affected orchid roots with charcoal or cinnamon to disinfect the pruning-damaged stems.

Add expanded clay to the pot, add soil, place the orchid in the pot and gently cover (do not compact the soil!)

Stem pruning

After the orchid has flowered, it is necessary to get rid of dried lateral flowering shoots. To remove them, cut (do not forget to disinfect tools by holding them in hot water) the woody part 0.5-0.7 cm above the stem node. If, however, one of the main stems dries out, cut it back as close as possible to the root.

Remember never to cut healthy, green shoots and if the orchid has shed its flowers, wait until the branch is eventually lignified.

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