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Frame houses – what you need to know before construction?

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Recently more and more popular are frame houses. This type of construction is distinguished not only by quick construction, relatively low price, but also really good parameters. What else should you know about this type of construction before you decide to start work? Get to know its advantages and disadvantages and don’t hesitate any longer!


One of the aspects that we wonder about with frame houses is their durability. How durable is this building and is it an investment for years? It’s a well-known fact that timber construction is not as durable as a brick house, but you won’t have to worry about general renovations for the next 50 years with them. 

Advantages of timber frame houses: 

  • The main advantage of this type of construction is the fast time of their erection. What is more, starting the work in winter does not slow down or stop the progress as it often happens with brick houses. Wooden building structure can be erected even in two to three months, and if we will use prefabricated elements, even earlier. One of the longer work steps is to create a traditional brick foundation. 
  • Low cost of construction is another encouraging aspect. At this point, of course, we have to reckon with an increase in costs as the prices of all building materials, including wood, have skyrocketed. However, it is still a really worthwhile investment, especially when compared to their brick counterparts. 
  • The thing about frame houses is that they heat up really quickly. Skeptics also claim that they cool down just as quickly, but with proper insulation and quick response to changes in external temperatures we can slow down this process. Thanks to that we are able to heat the whole building at a relatively low cost. 
  • These are also ecological houses. With the use of appropriate materials and solutions frame house will also be energy-efficient, so if you care about this aspect, you should not even think twice. 

Disadvantages of timber frame houses

  • Problem with finding a qualified team. Unfortunately, this type of construction is still not popular enough to be able to hire without much trouble a qualified team that will do it really well and – moreover – will have experience in erecting this type of construction. Before you start building a frame house, you need to know that frame construction does not forgive mistakes. And if they happen, they will not let you forget about them at all subsequent stages of work and in later use. That’s why if you find a contractor, ask them for previous projects and references to make sure they know their job. 
  • The next disadvantage for some people is the need to carefully arrange the space already at the stage of creating the project, because some solutions require, for example, strengthening the walls or preparing the floor in the right way. 
  • Another important aspect of building a frame house is to collect almost the entire budget at the very beginning of the investment. In this case we do not have a chance to erect and finish individual elements in stages. This is associated with fast construction time, which is an undeniable advantage of this type of construction, so in this case we have a situation “something at the expense of something”.

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