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Arches in the apartment – hit or miss?

Destini Fry
Arches in the apartment – hit or miss?

Trends like to come back. Does this also apply to arches in the interior? Find out!

It would take a long time to wonder if any previously known trend has reappeared years later. We are currently experiencing a huge comeback of arches in homes. At the 2020 interior design fair, arches could be seen everywhere, in all sorts of guises.

Arch-shaped passageways

Can they still make an impression? Absolutely! In a stylish arrangement, arched transitions do not have to look outdated – on the contrary, combined with a spacious modern or eclectic interior can add a bit of avant-garde.

Arches and elegant interiors

Arches can also fit perfectly into elegant spaces. Added as a decorative part of the wall, lined with striking wallpaper, they can be a unique element of a chic interior, for example in art déco style.

Arch shape welcomed everywhere

The recurring trend is not limited only to passageways – in fact, it appeared in almost every element of the interior. Curved finishes are used for example in bed headrests, in decorative niches, as well as when painting walls.

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