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Pastel furniture, textiles and accessories – we inspire!

Destini Fry
Pastel furniture, textiles and accessories – we inspire!

Pastels are timeless classics that appear not only in children’s rooms or candy shabby chic interiors. Mint green, baby blue or powder pink are the basis of many arrangements.

As any color, pastels can be effectively introduced not only by painting the walls, but also the furniture and accessories. They are a perfect complement to interiors with subdued and universal colors, such as shades of white, gray or even beige. But how to introduce pastel colors into interiors without overdoing it? Here we suggest!

Pastels in interiors – how, when and why?

Pastel shades are one of the strongest interior design trends of the last few years. Already in 2018 it was fashionable to combine powder pink or mint green with metallic shades of gold, silver and copper. Pastels, rather associated with vintage interiors – or even “grandma’s” interiors – then took on a modern dimension and became a permanent fixture in interior design trends.

Pastels, as bleached colors, help brighten up the interior and introduce bright color elements. They are therefore perfect for rooms with a small area. Additionally, according to color psychology, pastel shades help to maintain an optimistic attitude, as well as relax and unwind.

Pastel accessories

  1. Pillows

Textiles are a great way to bring a particular color scheme into an interior. With colorful pillowcases, you can accentuate your love for pastels in both your bedroom and living room. In addition, pastel shades are associated with cosiness and a homely atmosphere, so cushions with a nice texture, such as those with long pile, work best.

  1. Mugs

Mugs are elements of decor, which combine functionality with aesthetics. Although they are really associated with the kitchen and the dining room, let’s not deceive ourselves, they wander around the whole house. If you are a traditionalist, opt for ceramic mugs kept in uniform colors

However, if you have a well-established sense of aesthetics and you are not afraid of patterns, feel free to experiment! Geometric patterns in pastel shades will work well in modern and Scandinavian interiors, and floral – for example in vintage.

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  1. Flower pots

Pots are very underrated elements of interior design. Usually you assume that the flower itself is to be a decorative element? Try to be creative with your decor! If your home is full of flowers you can go wild with combinations – all flowerpots only in pastel blue or also powder pink, bleached yellow and mint green.

  1. Frames

Although it’s their contents that matter most, frames themselves can also enrich an arrangement. Depending on their shape and color, they can emphasize the elegant character of the room or complement the decor with an appropriate color accent

If you want pastel colors without painting the walls, pastel frames on a background of gray and white will be the perfect solution. They will also go well with more industrial frames with metal hardware.

  1. Tableware

Pastel tableware on a white tablecloth is not just for Easter! Pastel shades work especially well in Scandinavian dining rooms, where besides wood, white and light shades prevail

It is also a style, which in its minimalism is supposed to create spaces with high cosiness – and pastel shades will definitely emphasize this effect. Tableware in shade of baby blue or powder pink will go well with flowers in similar shade – for example forget-me-nots or bright roses.

  1. Furniture

Pastel furniture is not just a relic of the past! They are coming back to living rooms in glamour and modern forms – all you have to do is to properly contrast sharp and minimalist form with pleasant shade and interesting texture

Don’t be afraid to experiment with upholstery colors, as pastels give wide arrangement possibilities, and additionally they have been in fashion for many seasons. Just remember not to overdo it – a strong color can create the impression of avant-garde or exaggeration, if combined with a strong pattern.

  1. Flowers

Although flowers are not in themselves an element of interior design, they certainly emphasize its charm. When introduced into the four walls, they give the impression of a homely, cozy atmosphere. If you don’t like cut flowers, and you have no gardening talent for potted ones, consider everlasting roses. They have the texture and aesthetics of natural flowers, and last for several years!

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