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TOP 6 ideas for a small apartment

Destini Fry
TOP 6 ideas for a small apartment

A lot of people, especially the young and at the beginning of their careers, live in small apartments. Small apartments can be cozy and functional, if they are sensibly furnished and designed

More and more often we come across solutions, where one space fulfills several functions, e.g. the living room turns into a bedroom in the evening, or we find a corner in the kitchen for dining. Discover a few inspirations thanks to which your small apartment will be a great place to live, work and rest.

A small apartment can be arranged very well, all you need is a good plan of action and its implementation. Each space should be used wisely so that the house is a pleasant place to spend time in. Both a studio apartment and a small apartment with two rooms can be turned into a sensational space, which will be practical and at the same time decorated in an aesthetic and stylish way. Discover 6 fantastic ideas for arranging a small apartment. Check which solutions will work in your home, it may turn out that a small change will significantly increase the comfort of living even in a small area

6 inspirations for a small apartment

  1. Combination of living room with kitchen and dining room

The first rule of small apartments is to maximize the use of available space. It is becoming increasingly popular to combine the living room with the kitchen. This is practically a space-saving solution, when we do not devote a particular room to a separate kitchen. In a living room with a kitchen, it is easy to find a place for a dining corner. It can be created, for example, by adding bar chairs to the kitchen countertop or installing a folding table

  1. Home office in the living room

More and more people are working from home remotely, so they need a separate space to perform their professional duties. In a small apartment it is difficult to afford a separate office, but we should easily find some space in the living room for a small desk. This idea can be also transferred to a bedroom, where a practical work table and a comfortable chair can replace a dressing table

  1. Good lighting

The key to making the apartment bright and spacious can be properly selected lighting. Warm and cosy light bulbs, atmospheric lampshades and LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets and in the bathroom will make the apartment a more pleasant place to live. An additional very atmospheric asset will be lighting a few candles, especially in winter or autumn evenings. If you have a balcony in your apartment, make sure to install lighting there as well – for example, colorful lamps hung on a string or paper lanterns in oriental style

  1. Bright walls and mirrors

The most common advice on the Internet concerning small spaces is to paint the walls with bright paint. Indeed, this solution brings a spectacular effect and even very small rooms become optically enlarged. In addition, it is worth hanging mirrors in the apartment. A great solution will be the purchase of a closet with sliding mirror doors. It is worth hanging a mirror also in the hallway, and even in the living room. This addition will be a sensational complement to the arrangement, especially when we choose mirrors in gold or wooden frames

  1. Mezzanine

In old buildings or apartments with high ceilings, a great solution to save space is to install a mezzanine. This is a kind of elevation, on which we can put a bed. This frees up space that can be used in other ways, for example by placing a desk or a table with chairs there. This is a fantastic method, which is not only practical, but also looks very stylish. An apartment with a mezzanine automatically acquires a loft character

  1. Furniture for a small apartment

Having a small apartment, it is worth betting on furniture that will be not only elegant or modern, but above all functional. Various types of built-in furniture, thanks to which we will be able to hide clothes, bedclothes or other trinkets, will prove to be very useful. Instead of a big table, it is better to buy one, which can be unfolded to a bigger size in case of need. A practical way to combine a bedroom with a living room is to choose a corner sofa or a sofa with a sleeping function

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