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Unusual wall paints that you should choose

Destini Fry
Unusual wall paints that you should choose

Creating a dream place on earth takes a lot of time and energy. After all, we want our house or apartment to be beautiful, cozy and unique. Sometimes it is possible thanks to choosing the right accessories, materials, furniture and even paints. Do you want distinctive walls, but you are not convinced with wallpapers or structural plasters? Below you will find several unusual wall paints, which will change the face of every interior and make staying in the room a pure pleasure.

Decorative paint has more than one name. However, usually when we think about painting, we consider only the color, often forgetting that on the market there are many possibilities already at the stage of choosing the type of paint. It also happens that we forget about adjusting the type of paint to the room it is going to be used in. Most often we decide on latex, vinyl and acrylic paints. However, there are also other options that will completely transform our home.

Blackboard paint

This is an interesting solution, which will work especially well in the kitchen, children’s room or hallway. However, we do not recommend covering whole walls with it but only their fragments. It gives the wall similar properties as a chalkboard on which you can write or paint. It is a great option thanks to which you will be able to create editable and visible to all household members daily plans, task lists or funny drawings with the use of chalk.

Magnetic paint

This is a relative novelty on the market. Thanks to metal filings contained in its structure it can easily hold magnets attached to it. This is a brilliant option for those who like to bring back colorful, souvenir magnets. However this is not its only application. Thanks to it, you will be able to attach notes, letters or postcards in a visible place. As in the case of chalk paints, we recommend covering only one wall or even only its fragment.

Fluorescent paint

On the surface it may seem that this is the only paint that we can cover elements of walls or ceiling in the children’s room. Nothing more misleading. This option will also work well in the hallway. You can also use it to paint a hallway. Phosphorescent paints have this feature, that after exposing them during the day or by means of a lamp, they “give off light” emitting a pleasant, non-irritating glow. Perfect for painting stars on the ceiling or small elements on the wall of the corridor, so that when going to the bathroom at night, you will not have to turn on the light.

Structure paint

This is a decorative paint. Thanks to it you can create an intriguing structure on the wall and as a result get a unique effect, which can not be provided by ordinary paint. However, in case of textured paint the rule ‘too much is too much’ is perfectly valid. When choosing a textured paint, it is advisable to place it only on one of the walls in a room or use it to highlight, for example, interesting architectural points, because if it is placed on every wall it can overwhelm and make the interior look visually “heavy”.

The essence of decorative paints are elements contained in their composition such as glittering brocade, metal filings, sand or shreds of fabric. Thanks to them we can get on the wall an unusual for traditional paints structure, which is less intrusive and requires less commitment during application than, for example, structural plaster.

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