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What furniture to choose for a small balcony?

Destini Fry
What furniture to choose for a small balcony?

Being able to sit in your own garden is a luxury that many people can’t afford. Find out how to arrange a small balcony to spend a pleasant time on it

Most people living in cities live in blocks of flats. Due to the prevailing situation, we now spend more time indoors, so it is worth arranging an outdoor space where we can get some oxygen and collect our thoughts. Balconies in blocks of flats are usually very small, but we are able to develop even such a small balcony. On the market there are many models of garden furniture designed just for small balconies. Which to choose?

How to arrange a small balcony?

It doesn’t matter whether your balcony is small or large. Even on a small balcony it’s worth creating a relaxing corner for yourself. To feel like you’re in a real garden, just place some flower pots on it. You can also hang a flower pot on the balustrade, separating you from the street. Climbing ivy is also a great option, as it adds a unique atmosphere. On the floor you can put down some artificial grass or wooden pavements so that you can walk barefoot on them in the summer. Think about garden chairs where you can sit and read a book. A great option is a set of two chairs and a table where you can put your laptop or a cup of freshly brewed morning coffee

Rather avoid wide sofas or armchairs. While they’re more comfortable, they won’t work on a small balcony. If you’re dreaming of sun loungers, choose folding ones. Single hammocks are great for spreading out wide arm chairs or large hammocks, and they’re just as comfortable. Best of all, it’s easy to fold up and store away in your closet, where it’ll wait until next spring. Choose compatible furniture that you will be able to fold up for the winter and store easily at home

A nice and functional balcony!

In stores you will find a wide range of wooden balcony furniture. Such furniture has many advantages. Wood is a very durable material, always looks elegant and is timeless. If you decide on wooden furniture, remember that it is a natural material, so you need to protect it from the negative effects of external factors. Impregnate them so that they do not fade and the wood does not crack. The type of wood you choose is also very important, as each wood requires different care. Furniture made from acacia, alder, oak, teak or eucalyptus wood will work best. Conifers are very saturated with resin, which can be a nuisance when it gets very warm

A small balcony with Parisian style!

Paris has always been associated with quaint gastronomic gardens where Parisians sit on cast iron chairs, sipping coffee and nibbling on a croissant. If you dream of starting your days this way, nothing simpler. Your balcony is perfect for it! Cast-iron chair sets with a table are the perfect solution for people who have a balcony without a roof

Cast iron furniture is very stable, durable and resistant to adverse weather conditions. You don’t have to hide them inside at night, from frost, rain or gusty wind. If they get wet, you can easily wipe them off with a dry cloth. For the winter period it is enough to protect them with a special cover. Remember that cast iron furniture is very heavy. And the material from which they are made is exposed to corrosion. Therefore, try to choose good quality furniture that will serve you for years.

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