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What is SEO and why should it be used in Shoper online stores?

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What is SEO and why should it be used in Shoper online stores?

If you operate in the online industry, you surely know how important it is to be highly ranked in search engines, not only in Google but also in others, such as Bing or Yahoo. This is the only way to reach a wide range of Internet users who will become your new customers. Your online store was created on the Shoper platform and you wonder whether SEO and positioning will help you increase sales? Definitely yes. Check why, meet the best of the best – SEO in Baltimore, San Antonio SEO agency, or the Best Portland SEO team. It is worth using their help and knowledge.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? Best Portland SEO agency will tell us! Search Engine Optimization is optimization of a website, in your case an online store, for search engines. Its activities focus mainly on website structure, which allows it to increase its visibility online and to get into TOP 10, and even TOP 5 of search results for chosen key phrases. When talking about optimization, we mean, among other things, simplifying the HTML code, taking care of the correctness of URLs and 301 redirects, internal linking, creating meta data or preparing SEO content with headings and keywords.

Specialists from SEO in Baltimore agree, While mentioning SEO, we cannot fail to mention positioning. Search Engine Optimization is its inseparable part. It allows you to be on the first page of organic (free) search results, located right under the links bought in Google Ads campaigns. Positioning, however, is not only SEO, but also UX (user experience) and on-site and off-site activities – taking care of the site loading speed, creating a mobile version of the online store, obtaining a SSL certificate and link building.

According to San Antonio SEO, Shopper is the most attractive commercial platform for creating, running and According to San Antonio SEO, Shopper is the most attractive commercial platform for creating, running and maintaining online stores, which had its premiere in 2005. Users appreciate it for its modernity, intuitive operation and extensive functionality. In addition, there is no lack of customization options, and the implementation of the software itself does not cause any problems. Shoper uses a subscription license Saas, or Software as Service. You can buy it in one of four packages

Why is it worth positioning Shopper online stores?

As it turns out – Shoper positioning is not only necessary to increase visibility of your online store, but also completely hassle-free. The developers of the software have made sure that optimization of the site is easy and convenient. And why is it worth doing it at all? All of the previously described agencies San Antonio SEO, SEO in Baltimore and the best Portland SEO are agreed. SEO will allow you to increase your site’s visibility, which in turn allows you to stand out from the competition, achieve higher positions in Google searches, and increase brand trust and awareness. Additionally, properly conducted activities will automatically translate into increased profits, backed by higher conversion rates and lower rejection rates.

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  • Victoria Richardson 10.08.2022

    I’m currently at the stage of choosing a sales platform, so thanks for the recommendation. I was considering Shoper, because I’ve heard about the many advantages of this platform. I’m a beginner when it comes to SEO, but I learned a lot from the site:, and it seems to me that I know the basics. Shoper convinces me because of its functionality, full technical support and intuitive operation. I believe that this platform will enable me to create and optimize attractive e-commerce.