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Yellow color in interiors – what to combine with?

Destini Fry
Yellow color in interiors – what to combine with?

Yellow enlivens and brightens up interiors, and gives their users energy and stimulates. How to arrange a room using yellow shades and what to combine it with? We suggest!

Depending on the shade, yellow can perfectly suit modern, eclectic as well as more traditional interiors. Here are some ideas for arrangements using yellow.

Yellow on walls

When it comes to painting walls in yellow, you have to be careful – used in the whole room, this color could have too stimulating effect, and even cause irritation. Therefore, if you want to put yellow on a wall, it is best to choose one wall or a part of it. In case of kitchens, wall tiles can be a graceful yellow element. This color is best combined with walls in white or shades of gray.

Yellow textile accessories

A phenomenal solution to introduce yellow colors into the room is to choose curtains or rugs in this energizing color. Yellow curtains, as in the case of walls, will go best with white and gray, and also in combination with black, e.g. with a lounge set in those colors. On the other hand, yellow carpet can be combined with more colors – also in the vicinity of ink or malachite walls, especially if the carpet will be in mustard shade. Similar combinations can be used for sofas and armchairs in yellow. With a pastel shade of yellow, this color can also work well in combination with wood and beiges.

Yellow details in the room

Definitely, it will be easiest to incorporate yellow elements into the interior in the form of accessories and details, such as cushions, vases or lamps. Here we have many more possibilities of combining colors, because yellow small objects like already mentioned whites, greys and blacks, shades of navy blue and green, as well as beiges and wood. When introducing yellow details into a room, it is best to gather several of them so that yellow accents are evenly distributed in the interior, rather than attracting attention in one corner.

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